Month: June 2005


Yowza… 9 dollars an hour to update my xanga and talk on AIM. Not too shabby (but it is sooo boring). There are a limited number of hours one can spend surfing the internet, checking what people have to say on xanga and on facebook. Use to, thats what I would do when I got home. Now when I get home, I just watch tv because I’m tired of the computer. I didn’t do one thing yesterday and I only reorganized a cabinet today.

2 1/4 days left of this internship!!!

Last night, as I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep, I was watching Entourage, a show on HBO. This show is off the chain. I don’t really know what it is all about beacause it is a series, but it is really funny and has some well timed curse words which makes the show golden. Eg. “You tell her if she doesn’t get Cameron on the phone right now, I will edited for vulgarity her (used with negative conotation) like I did in Cabo in ’92.” Another one is, “Do it or I will choke you out with a strap on.” If you get a chance to check it out, do it (or I will personally choke you out with a strap on (I really don’t know how that works)) (Can I use two parenthesis in the same sentence? I figure you can do it in math, so why not english, right?)

The next thing that came on HBO was P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy. If you couldn’t tell, it’s a stand-up comedy show. They had some funny brothas on there, no white people. This one guy came on, I couldn’t understand him for the most part so I didn’t catch his name. Most comedians come out and say, “what’s up brooklyn?” or something to that extent. This guy comes out and goes, “Who here’s doo doo-ed today?!?!? You are supposed to doo doo everyday, not wait 3 days in between each doo doo. You are also suppose to eat your vegetables… that’s what makes the doo doo slide. Otherwise, you wait 3 days and no vegetables, it feels like you are trying to pop out a sailboat and you’d bust a vain in your head.” He was so cracked out, but truthful and funny. I was cracking up.

I am going to go ahead and get back to my “internet surfing” internship. Actually, I am going back to listening to a little Incubus with Ashlee Simpson, with Michael Jackson (hey baby, he’s not guilty, ahaaaa…shiiiiiit), with TBS, with Tim McGraw, with Maroon 5, with Brand New, with Rascal Flatts (it’s on shuffle) For Scott and Kurtis, I know I have used this joke on you two already… disregard this last paragraph. Love, Ryan…


I’m on my lunch break right now at work. I am eating subway right now. It’s breathtaking, though it could use some more banana peppers and jalepenos… mmmmmm. I got back to my place down here in Texas around 11:30 last night. I sat in a traffic jam at 10 PM for about 30 minutes. I hated the traffic jam part of it but I loved this one part of it… I’ll explain. Ok, so the two lanes of the highway got narrowed down to one, and you have to merge into that one lane. Most people get over as soon as possible and usually there is that lane that is closing soon, but there is still room on it to go up a few hundred feet and cut all those people that followed the rules to begin with. (I’m gonna pretend you are nodding your head in agreement and I’m gonna continue my story like you know what I’m talking about.) This Chrysler was speeding by all these people, including me, but a semi about 3 cars ahead of me got over in that open, but sooned to be closed lane, and cut him off to where he couldn’t cut any more people… I loved it and that semi. So next time there is a situation like that, I’m gonna do what that semi did and hopefully people would appreciate me as well. 

I have this song that everyone needs to download and listen to. It is so awesomely bad… it’s gooooood. It’s called “Trapped In The Closet” by R.Kelly. He tells this story about getting caught doing this guy’s girlfriend. The thing is, he tells this story like he’s talking, but he is singing it. I.e. “He said yada yada yada, then she said yada yada yada… like that, but replacing the yada yada yadas with words and a tune. It is terribly good. Check it out.

3 1/2 more days of this internship, hey ohhhhhhhh!!!

One more thing, if you ever thing about throwing gum out the window at a motorcycle is coming towards you in the other lane… think again, it has the possibility of being a MOTORCYCLE COP!! Learn from other peoples mistakes, though I am not going to mention any names, SCOTT!!!!!!!


This weekend has been crazy good. I came back to Oklahoma City for the weekend. There is absolutely nothing to do in Irving on the weekends now that my free membership to the gym expired. I needed to come home this weekend so it worked out well. I got home Friday afternoon around 4:30 I believe. On the way home, I was in a 20 minute traffic jam over 3 miles in Dallas and then I was in one just south of Norman for over 45 minutes…. it sucked big time. When I got home, I unpacked a bit and started a load of laundry and then I had to begin a test for my accounting class. I got on my computer to start it, but it wouldn’t let me log into it for some reason. I ended up going to Scott’s to take it. It is tough to take a test with Scott around, but I made it ok. Saturday, Scott and I made a trip up to Stillwater to take a load of my stuff to OUR HOUSE. It is sweeeeet! That night, my dad cooked steak for dinner, but apparently dinner wasn’t free because my dad made us work it off by moving all this -ish out of our attic. It was sooo hot. Now I am at Kurt’s house waiting on my truck to get new tires put on it. Then I’m off to Irving again for 4 more days!! I can’t wait to be back. More later… (probably another entry when I get bored in Texas later tonight)

Our house is going to be sweet when we get it hooked up. Then, house-warming party!!! If anyone cares, we want a duck for a house warming gift…


Today was somewhat off the hook. How it can be somewhat off the hook and not all the way off the hook beats me. I went out to eat with my “boss” and a few “co-workers” at a mongolian barbeque place here in town. It was really good for the hour and fifteen minutest that it stayed with me.. hey ohhhhhh!!! For dinner tonight, I’m thinking a little extravagant… maybe two, count ’em, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I ran out of bologna AND cheese last night. I am coming home for the weekend this weekend. I am really excited because I get to do laundry. I’ve had no undershirts for the past 4 days and I haven’t had underbritches for a day or two now.. yikes!! This weekend, I may be going to lake eufala on friday night with scott. If not, I am going to go up to stillwater to check out the house. yes!! i am kind of excited about this xanga thing… the only people that read it, are the people that i expected to read it. it’s lovely. peace… i got 4 quizzes to submit in 48 hours in my accounting class. if i am going to go anywhere tomorrow, i have to get these done. leave me a GIGGITY, GIGGITY, GIGGITY… i like ’em alot.