So I gave in…

I now have a xanga site myself. This site is really just for my psyche. I apparently feel the need that I need a moral boost. In order to do so, I figured that I would start this so I could think that people want to know what is going on in my life. Here goes….

I am currently in Irving, Texas in the rough part of town. I am doing an intership down here and those who will probably read this, already know what is happening down here. I only have a week left here. I am all encompassingly excited about going back to the city. When I get back, it will be 4th of July weekend and we’ll be heading to the river. Hopefully, nobody dies this time around. Then from there, I am moving back up to Stillwater to start the rest of my summer school. Finally, I’m going to be living in MY (rent)house. We will be having a house-warming party, so keep on the look out and you all with have to partake. I am off to do my accounting quiz right now, so hopefully this first entry will suffice for the time being. Holla back!


  1. dajukie7

    YES!!!! OMG, the concert was hella sweet, there was some crazy mosh punk emo kids, you know they hate their life, so why not run into shit, haha, i can’t wait for the 4th, and this weekend, and next year, WHAMMY!

  2. dajukie7

    ryan!!!  i got something just for you from the concert.  i’ll put it in an envelope and give it to scott to give to you friday.  see you 4th of july, peace!

  3. slkdjfod

    hey, it’s me again, for the third time.  but this time it’s really me, you can tell by the picture.  just wanted to post something on here that was from the real me and not me pretending to be scott but thinking i was myself…..right, cya

  4. slkdjfod

    hi, its me kurtis again, i’m gay, i sign in under everyone’s profiles and say dumb shit, i wish i had more than one hand so i could stick more thumbs up my ass at once, actually this is scott and kurtis is sleeping at work right next to me with no idea the sabbotage that lies before him, O ITS GLORIOUS!

  5. dajukie7

    hey, this is scott, again.  i’m so stupid…more than one hand?  i’m also gay, more gay than kurtis could ever dream to be.  kurtis really wasn’t sleeping at work, i lied, he was just laying his head down, then i made some retarded laughing sound (you know how i sound when i laugh) and he sat up to tell me how stupid i sound, and how stupid i look.  but kurtis is right, he’s always right.  and he’s smarter than me, and better looking, and can cook better, and read better, shit i can’t even read at all!  i don’t even know how the hell i’m typing this.  oh well, i’m gonna go shit my pants now, bye bye!

  6. BuckWild14

    HEY THANKS FOR CUTTING ME out of the picture! haha I thought i really complimented you…..ANYWAY you def need the blonde spikes in your hair…..again

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