Today was somewhat off the hook. How it can be somewhat off the hook and not all the way off the hook beats me. I went out to eat with my “boss” and a few “co-workers” at a mongolian barbeque place here in town. It was really good for the hour and fifteen minutest that it stayed with me.. hey ohhhhhh!!! For dinner tonight, I’m thinking a little extravagant… maybe two, count ’em, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I ran out of bologna AND cheese last night. I am coming home for the weekend this weekend. I am really excited because I get to do laundry. I’ve had no undershirts for the past 4 days and I haven’t had underbritches for a day or two now.. yikes!! This weekend, I may be going to lake eufala on friday night with scott. If not, I am going to go up to stillwater to check out the house. yes!! i am kind of excited about this xanga thing… the only people that read it, are the people that i expected to read it. it’s lovely. peace… i got 4 quizzes to submit in 48 hours in my accounting class. if i am going to go anywhere tomorrow, i have to get these done. leave me a GIGGITY, GIGGITY, GIGGITY… i like ’em alot.


  1. slkdjfod

    ah man, i was gonna say something and forgot….. i hit my head really bad tonight, my ear and the side of my face are all scraped up and i might have gotten a concusion, so i haven’t really been all in it for the past few hours.  oh well, maybe i’ll see you saturday, peace

  2. slkdjfod

    oh yeah!  it was about my mp3 player, i had to go back to my comments to check it out.  and about the $35….with 17 bjs i don’t think i need the $35:)

  3. Ashjorge07

    oh man i was going to say something and i forgot so i decided to write that i forgot instead of just not saying anything at all…just kiddin thats something kurtis would say! but so the you know what was fun on thursday night.

    keep it on the DOWN LOW

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