This weekend has been crazy good. I came back to Oklahoma City for the weekend. There is absolutely nothing to do in Irving on the weekends now that my free membership to the gym expired. I needed to come home this weekend so it worked out well. I got home Friday afternoon around 4:30 I believe. On the way home, I was in a 20 minute traffic jam over 3 miles in Dallas and then I was in one just south of Norman for over 45 minutes…. it sucked big time. When I got home, I unpacked a bit and started a load of laundry and then I had to begin a test for my accounting class. I got on my computer to start it, but it wouldn’t let me log into it for some reason. I ended up going to Scott’s to take it. It is tough to take a test with Scott around, but I made it ok. Saturday, Scott and I made a trip up to Stillwater to take a load of my stuff to OUR HOUSE. It is sweeeeet! That night, my dad cooked steak for dinner, but apparently dinner wasn’t free because my dad made us work it off by moving all this -ish out of our attic. It was sooo hot. Now I am at Kurt’s house waiting on my truck to get new tires put on it. Then I’m off to Irving again for 4 more days!! I can’t wait to be back. More later… (probably another entry when I get bored in Texas later tonight)

Our house is going to be sweet when we get it hooked up. Then, house-warming party!!! If anyone cares, we want a duck for a house warming gift…


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