I’m on my lunch break right now at work. I am eating subway right now. It’s breathtaking, though it could use some more banana peppers and jalepenos… mmmmmm. I got back to my place down here in Texas around 11:30 last night. I sat in a traffic jam at 10 PM for about 30 minutes. I hated the traffic jam part of it but I loved this one part of it… I’ll explain. Ok, so the two lanes of the highway got narrowed down to one, and you have to merge into that one lane. Most people get over as soon as possible and usually there is that lane that is closing soon, but there is still room on it to go up a few hundred feet and cut all those people that followed the rules to begin with. (I’m gonna pretend you are nodding your head in agreement and I’m gonna continue my story like you know what I’m talking about.) This Chrysler was speeding by all these people, including me, but a semi about 3 cars ahead of me got over in that open, but sooned to be closed lane, and cut him off to where he couldn’t cut any more people… I loved it and that semi. So next time there is a situation like that, I’m gonna do what that semi did and hopefully people would appreciate me as well. 

I have this song that everyone needs to download and listen to. It is so awesomely bad… it’s gooooood. It’s called “Trapped In The Closet” by R.Kelly. He tells this story about getting caught doing this guy’s girlfriend. The thing is, he tells this story like he’s talking, but he is singing it. I.e. “He said yada yada yada, then she said yada yada yada… like that, but replacing the yada yada yadas with words and a tune. It is terribly good. Check it out.

3 1/2 more days of this internship, hey ohhhhhhhh!!!

One more thing, if you ever thing about throwing gum out the window at a motorcycle is coming towards you in the other lane… think again, it has the possibility of being a MOTORCYCLE COP!! Learn from other peoples mistakes, though I am not going to mention any names, SCOTT!!!!!!!


  1. slkdjfod

    achooo!  sorry, i just sneezed.  hoorray for semi’s!  i wanna do that but instead of just stopping them, i’ll start to back up and my semi will just roll over the people stupid enough to get in that lane, good idea huh?  yeah, i didn’t really think so either.  see you thursday!

  2. slkdjfod

    hahaha, i just had to point out.  right above this box it says, giggity, giggity, giggity!! box not working?  giggity, giggity, giggity!! help, hahahaha

  3. BuckWild14

    I have totally heard the “closet song” all he does is talk about watchin them fight..he checks under the bed…several other places..THE CLOSET then it ends abruptly…haha

  4. dajukie7

    don’t invite ashlie or tasha (ashlie has mind powers, thats telekensis kyle!) and it was an accident and maybe that cop wanted some gum because he had bad breath, you forget about this demographic, haha, and i love when semi’s pull that move, it gives me time to slap a “bitch ass” sticky note on the window of the people in the jam, I DO THAT KINDA SHIT!

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