Yowza… 9 dollars an hour to update my xanga and talk on AIM. Not too shabby (but it is sooo boring). There are a limited number of hours one can spend surfing the internet, checking what people have to say on xanga and on facebook. Use to, thats what I would do when I got home. Now when I get home, I just watch tv because I’m tired of the computer. I didn’t do one thing yesterday and I only reorganized a cabinet today.

2 1/4 days left of this internship!!!

Last night, as I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep, I was watching Entourage, a show on HBO. This show is off the chain. I don’t really know what it is all about beacause it is a series, but it is really funny and has some well timed curse words which makes the show golden. Eg. “You tell her if she doesn’t get Cameron on the phone right now, I will edited for vulgarity her (used with negative conotation) like I did in Cabo in ’92.” Another one is, “Do it or I will choke you out with a strap on.” If you get a chance to check it out, do it (or I will personally choke you out with a strap on (I really don’t know how that works)) (Can I use two parenthesis in the same sentence? I figure you can do it in math, so why not english, right?)

The next thing that came on HBO was P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy. If you couldn’t tell, it’s a stand-up comedy show. They had some funny brothas on there, no white people. This one guy came on, I couldn’t understand him for the most part so I didn’t catch his name. Most comedians come out and say, “what’s up brooklyn?” or something to that extent. This guy comes out and goes, “Who here’s doo doo-ed today?!?!? You are supposed to doo doo everyday, not wait 3 days in between each doo doo. You are also suppose to eat your vegetables… that’s what makes the doo doo slide. Otherwise, you wait 3 days and no vegetables, it feels like you are trying to pop out a sailboat and you’d bust a vain in your head.” He was so cracked out, but truthful and funny. I was cracking up.

I am going to go ahead and get back to my “internet surfing” internship. Actually, I am going back to listening to a little Incubus with Ashlee Simpson, with Michael Jackson (hey baby, he’s not guilty, ahaaaa…shiiiiiit), with TBS, with Tim McGraw, with Maroon 5, with Brand New, with Rascal Flatts (it’s on shuffle) For Scott and Kurtis, I know I have used this joke on you two already… disregard this last paragraph. Love, Ryan…


  1. Ripcurl5788

    hey- i was just looking through xangas..and i saw yours- and you’re pretty cute– not to mention pretty funny- i guess comment on mine if ya feel like it and you can IM me sometime—ripcurl5788…would love to talk to ya!


  2. BuckWild14

    UH OH!!! Ryans gotta fan club….hey you get hit me up sometime as well…with your ‘baby turtle’ cute pic that i was so gracefully cut out of….OH YEAH by the way…you suck!!!!!!

  3. dajukie7

    dang, girls go crazy for ryan, i’m going to put a picture of you in my xanga cuz that works wonders.  that first chick is superficial (sp) and you don’t want that.  what you need is a really really hott chick (no exceptions) that only loves you for you, haha, that’s where its at.

  4. dajukie7

    ryan, kurtis originally typed “hey sexy” but he changed it, changed like his feelings toward you and me!! i think we should put him in the boat motor this weekend and see how loud he can scream!!!!

  5. slkdjfod

    it doesn’t change my feelings for you ryan, i still love you!  i just thought other people would think it weird when i say hey sexy, but you know what, screw it…..hey sexy, i just saw your picture on xanga and thought i’d leave a post.  you can post on mine, or talk to me online at slkdjfod….if you want….i love you

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