As of late, I’ve been taken by this new fad, reading. It might be -eading, with a soft “r,” but apparently you sit down with a book and read the words on the pages for an extended period of time. It really is quite breathtaking. I have been reading “The Poisonwood Bible.” This is my second go around and I like it more this time than I did the last time I read it, which was junior year in high school. The past 4 days, I have read over 250 pages of it. That is crazy good for me. I don’t read often, or ever for that matter so this is quite an impressive accomplishment.

Whatever happened to pogs? You know what they are, don’t act like you were too good for them. They took over the world for a solid 5 months back in 95 or something. You played for fun, you played for keeps, you traded them with your friends, you even went to Hardee’s in order to get the “Apollo 13 Space Shuttle” pog holder in your happy meal. That was an excellent marketing ploy for Hardee’s or Carl or whoever owns that chain now because they only gave you one piece at a time so you had to go back like 4 times to have the whole shuttle. What were you gonna do with only 1/3 of the shuttle with no top… you couldn’t hold many pogs securely, that’s fo sho. They had some sweet pogs that you could collect with some even better slammers. Cool 8-Ball designs… whoever thought that you could make so many sweet cardboard pieces featuring a billiard ball. Then they had the never ending possibilities with the skeleton head, the skull and crossbones. Those were the good stuff. Slammers were a whole other story. You know you had the good shit when you carried around a 12 oz. piece of steel in your pocket to dominate your friends. Why in the world were these banned from schools, or at least my school. They never hurt anyone and they never meant any harm….skull and crossbones, where I’m from that means pirates looking for sunken treasure. Skull and crossbones never meant death or destruction. I just don’t know what this world is coming to. I do know that those were truly the good times, when you could walk safely to the Tasty Freeze to get custard for a nickel, when you could enjoy “Eureka’s Castle” without being weirded out by puppets that looked like the Devil if in fact he was a purple girl puppet, the days where you could sit down and have a good time behind the barracks at recess punishing your friends with your titanium slammer in order to get their 8-Ball Pog collection…. those were the days, oh those were the days.



I went to the lake this weekend, just me and the folks. We hung out together Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday and it was a good time. I got crazy burnt again on the boat on Friday. Plus, I read 150 pages of a book…. A BOOK!! Then I went to the city and hung out with some people I haven’t hung out with for a year or so and that too was a great time. Scott and I came back up here to Stillwater and this morning I cooked bacon, fried eggs, and french toast. It was amazing I thought. Today, we painted Scott’s room, part of the kitchen, and pulled up the carpet in Scott’s room. It’s looking really good we think. We can’t wait to break the house in… enough with my life.

The serious side, somewhat… As I was driving to the lake this weekend, a friend of mine is going through I rough time with everything going on in her life right now and I was talking to her and I said, “I’m sorry to hear about your dad and everything,” and I got to thinking. What is that really saying… I’m sorry to hear that? Does it mean that I didn’t want to know that to begin with and it would have been better off for me not to know that? If you think about it and break it down, that’s kind of what that means. “I’m sorry to hear that,” it’s just like saying “keep that (explicitive) to yourself,” but just in a suttle way. What else are you supposed to say in that situation? So for now, I guess I will just keep saying that, but if people catch on, it could be bad news for me and whoever else says that phrase as well. Just a thought…

Yesterday, Scott and I went to James’ pool party/cookout thing and what else can I say other than we were off the hook.When we got there, everyone was just sitting around the pool and the first thing we do and cannonball into the pool and start spiking the hell out of the volleyball into people’s faces. I know, I know…it’s just a game, but we had to get the party started somehow. I mean we had everybody cracking up with just our regular conversation. We were telling the same old stories we always tell but we found out, we just need a new crowd, a new audience.  In order to continue our hot streak of funny stories and laughter of others in the future, we decided as a group to get a new crowd, a new audience…. Kurtis, you’re out, everyone else, you’re in!!! Welcome, and make yourself at home, we’ll start the good times soon.

Weekend Movie Review: “Boogie Nights”  This movie is not a family movie. Synopsis: The porn industry, and a 17 year old kid with blessed attributes… that’s all you really need to know to make your own judgement. Don’t invite the fam in to watch this together. Be sure to put the kids to bed before popping this bad boy into the DVD player. It was funny at times, but after the first 2 hours and 15 minutes, you were just ready for it to be over. Funny Quotes from “Boogie Nights”: “I’m gonna fuckin’ buy these!!” and “Shut up before I punch you in the god damn face!!” <— That one was said while the 17 year old kid was atop an female Asian spy that he was about to do it with.

Until next time, cheers….


Today, I went xanga searching… I was just checking out other people’s xangas. I came across some funny ones, some not so funny ones and some crazy serious ones. These kids that write so deep and meaningful CRAP on their xanga need to realize that they don’t have enough street cred to be able to give wordly advice on xanga!! I understand that being 14 can be tough, especially on those prepubescent boys who just want to be able to shave.  This made me wonder how much drama can one have in their life when they are born in 1991…especially during the summer. Heck, you are out of school, you don’t have to worry about summer school, bills, gas prices, or your future for that matter! I guess some worries might be that you  can’t see your boyfriend/girlfriend because yall don’t have 3rd lunch together or pre-algebra together where yall write notes to eachother when you are sitting two seats down from one another. Though  you might get to see eachother when you can talk your parents into dropping you off at White Water so you can spend a couple of hours together in which yall may go down the bermuda triangle together or hang out in the same tube in the wave pool. So to those Emo 14 year olds who hate life because they are grounded from the computer (but yet some how, get on to tell the world about it on xanga) … take it easy, you’re on 4th street!!

Also, as I was checking out people’s xangas I came across one that made me think as well. This chicks xanga name was “Circumstances Mean Nothing” or something like that and the first thing that came to my mind was this… circum-stances may mean nothing, but circum-cisions may mean just a little bit more (or a little bit less depending on how you look at it, hey ohhhhhh)……


Is there anywhere in the world that there is a dinosaur that can drive a car? Or even a mushroom with red polk-a-dots? I’m pretty sure that these kinds of things are not even eligible to obtain a driver’s liscense much less own pretty impressive karts to race. Someone should of thought of these barriers and the ability to cross these barriers beforehand. I understand it’s Mario world, but whoever thought of Mario world was trippin balls on something big time. That sure would be a sight for sore eyes… a bunch of 5’3″ Asians sitting around passing the bleezie and drinking the bong water as they proceed to make meth out of their rice cooker. I want  to party with them!!  Back to Mario world, the characters are cah-razy. To think up air conditioning units with smiles in the water that can only swim like jelly fish is a pure genius. Those who thought up anvil bullets with crazy smirks on their faces… brilliant! I wouldn’t even know where to start to come up with something even half as good as Mario. The concept of Mario is just so trippy. MARIO, F-YEAH!!! YOSHI, F-YEAH!!! LEAFS THAT WHEN YOU EAT YOU BECOME A GUY WITH A RACCOON TAIL THAT CAN ONLY FLY WHEN YOU RUN FOR A LITTLE BIT AND GET YOUR POWER BAR UP “P” AND THEN ONLY AFTER THAT CAN YOU FLY FOR A SOLID 7 SECONDS, F-YEAH!!! 

Mario, he’s a good guy… and that princess toadstool ain’t half bad either (except that she is stupid enough to keep getting kidnapped and taken to a different level only to write a letter to Mario telling him that she has been taken to another lever. That slut!!)

Warning: Those unfamiliar with Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt, Mario 2, Mario 3, Mariokart, and Mario’s World may have absolutely no idea what I am talking about in the previous xanga entry as I reference each Mario “world” throughout entry. This warning should probably go up at the top, but shit will buff out!

Chili’s Water

I spit hot fire (in Dylan’s voice)!! Quick story to tell. I went to Chili’s with some friends the other night. Those of you who know me at resteraunts, when I order water… I go to town. Anyways, our waitress wasn’t very happy to deal with us for some reason. She always chimed in at the inopportune times, like in the middle of a conversation that we are all having. Ok, so I get the water and before you know it I need a refill. She gives me a little more water and a ton of ice. So with that, I drank that water in like 3 sips and needed another refill. She never figured it out and everytime she came back, we just started cracking up. I felt that I should have tipped her a little more than I did because she kept my water soooo cold. Last night, we went to a party and left because I was going to show some of my friends my house. When we went back to that party, cops were outside checking I.D.s so lucky for us we had left. That worked out well because as much as I love them, I couldn’t afford a ticket right now.

I made a 94 on my stat test and I have made 30/30 on both my quizzes… I loooooove math!! We had a test today and again, I think I did fairly well. I really do like that class, it is fun to me.

“Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me!” I love that song and you know the girl that sings it has to be hot because she is quite the braggart….



Phew… I am worn out. Let’s see, I got up at 8:30 only after being awoken throughout the night by me dying several times (coughing up a lung or two). I finished my homework, took a shower, went to school, took a test, and then we got out about 30 minutes early, which was nice. I think I did alright on my test, but you know how that goes. You think you did really good and end up getting a 63. Not that that has ever happened to me or anything. We’ll see tomorrow. I came home and made a “Tribute to Summer 2004.” I’ll try to link it up here somehow soon. Then I went to the OSU pool. Chelloooo ladies!! Of course I didn’t talk to any exceeding the casual, “what up trick?!” No, I keed, I keed. I did say hello to one… she wanted me big time. Hahaha…. I’m back at my place now and I don’t know what I am going to do for a little bit. I go play basketball nearly everyday now and I am trying to get in shape and get back into working out. My goal is to get back where I was last year, DAIM!!! Kick rocks….


Ok… see if this link works for my video. Summer 2004

1. Name: Ryan
2. Birthday: November 21
3. Height: 5’8”
4. Natural hair color: Brown
5. Eye color: Blue
6. Heritage: I’m a quarter Mexican
7. Gender: Male.
8. Location: 
Stillwater, OK.

9. Color: Blue
10. Animal: Deer?
11. Smell: Vanilla Candles
12. Song: My Best Friend – Tim McGraw                          
13. Band: Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw
14. Movie: Shawshank Redemption and Rock Star
15. Candy: The green and white mint things you get at Zio’s.
16. TV show: Fear Factor
17. Sport: Basketball and baseball, just getting back into baseball
18. Store: Bass Pro Shops
19. Country: the
Vatican or the United States, it’s a close call.
20. Dinner: My mother’s Mexican food
21. Cartoon: King of the Hill
22. Book: The Poisonwood Bible
23. Website: Mine, both xanga and geocities
24. Season: I like fall quite a bit,
25. Drink: Cream Soda
26. School subject: Math, I’m crazy good at it
27. Phrase: Hey Ohhhhhhhh! Or “I’m not a big fan of beastiality, but that’s a good lookin’ deer” or “HJ’s”
28. Swear word and/or phrase with a swear word in it (im changing this question): that shit’ll buff out!!!
29. Magazine: RedHead Fall Catalog
30. Restaurant: Ted’s .

40. Blink182 or Green Day? Blink 182 if I have to choose
41-60 were apparently stupid, so becky deleted them, thanks becky. I don’t know you becky, but thanks!!!

your last:
61. Hug: does Scott or Kurtis count? That’s sad I know… wait, I hugged Christine’s backside!! Yes!!!
62. Kiss: don’t kiss and tell.
63. Food you ate: Tuna, rice, and barbecue sauce.
64. Song you listened to: bring me home – Miranda Lambert
65. Person you talked to: Cole.
66. Thing you wrote: an email to Scott and Kurtis
67. Show you watched: I haven’t watched television in two weeks now.
68. Fight: Murph, last fall!!! Yowza!!!!
69. Failed test: managerial accounting, I dropped it
70. Phone call: Cole.

71. Outfit: cargo shorts and a gray beater
72. Music: Mos Def – Mathematics ( I told you I liked math )
73: Food: I am not currently eating
74: Crush: I can’t be expressing that to the world, now can I?
75: Smell: chlorine.
76: Feel: easy going, not really much of anything
78: Mood: the same? I guess, happy
79: Annoyance: phone calls during dates (it’s not my current annoyance, but that’s my bigest annoyance ever)
80: Activities: basketball, seeing animals on the side of the road that others usually never see

81. Do you have a bf/gf? no
82. Do you like someone? I think so, still trying to figure it out
83. Do you love someone? I don’t think so
84. Are you married? H no
85: Age of first kiss: 15, I think.
88. Have you ever confessed your love? no.
89. Have you ever kept your love quiet? yes.
90: Describe your current/last relationship: I don’t know if it was a relationship, but whatever it was, it was a good time!
91. Religion:
Southern Babtist, but still trying to figure out all of my views.
92. The government: republican.
93: Punk-Rock Music: only when I am in the mood.
94. Rap: fo sho… im game for all the lyrical shit
95: Love at first sight: naaawww, it could possibly turn into that, but not at first sight
96. One best friend: yes, though I have more than one
97: Snow: definitely, cause that means snow ice cream!! You know!!
98. Tooth fairy: I liked her, though I hear she got around
99. How everything began: don’t really know, one thing im still unsure about.

100. Thrown up: yes.
101. Played sick from work: nope.
102. Cried: no, not cried.
103. Done something you regret: yes.
104. Got drunk: yes.
105. Cut your hair: yes.
107. Been on stage: no
108. Been on TV: no
109. Dyed your hair: yes.
111. Cuddled: yes.
112. Fallen asleep somewhere besides your house: yes.
113. Gotten Stood up: yes
114. Stood someone up: yes
115. Gone out to the movies: yes
116. Fallen in love: in the past three months?  no.

117. Been hit by a car?: nope, neither me nor my car
118. Hit by someone of the opposite sex: like socked out? Yeah….
119. Have you ever hit someone: yes if we are still talking like 118 was, then yes.
120. Shot a gun: oh fo sho… it’s me…
121. Dressed up for Halloween outside of childhood: yes.
122. Broken the law: more than I liked to I think
123. Been arrested: no, but I live through scott, so ALMOST!!!
124. Set something on fire: yes.
125. Been scared you would die: YES!!!.



I’ve still been really busy with the house. There is something to do everytime I turn around. I just got up a little bit ago. It is now 4:25 in the PM. I went to Tulsa last night to hang out with Joel, Christine, Layne, Felicia and Alicia and there friends. It was a good time minus the fued that took place. Afterwards, or I guess you would say in the middle of it, we went over to Felicia’s sister’s place and went swimming at like 2:30 in the morning. It was cold… at least that’s what I tell myself to hide the truth, hey ohhhhhh!! I drove back here to Stillwater around 10 and when I got back I went to sleep until 3 or so. All and all, last night was a good time.

In other news, Cole and I went and played basketball the other day at the park, STRAIGHT STREET! He beat me once and then all of a sudden, I turned it on because we had fans (ladies) watching. I couldn’t miss. It was truly off the hook. We are all hanging out over here tonight if any of you read this and feel the need to drive an hour to hang out. Just call beforehand… Holla!!


ok, so i wrote this entire thing once before and then when i went to submit it, my internet went out. here goes again…

this past week has been crazy busy and crazy fun. i am done with my internship and i am now up in stillwater sitting in my house!!! i get wireless internet somehow, so it works out well. im fo sho not complaining. this weekend we went to the river and had a blast the entire week. there were a few tense moments with everyone, but once those were done with and people quit acting like a baby (me) things went really well. we went to the lake several days, floated the river, sat around the fire, popped fireworks, watched dusty fantasize about lemon pie and then run around the trailer naked because of his gambling habits… classic. all in all, it was a great time and i hope those who went had a good time as well. the past three days, ive been getting moved into my house and getting everything situated. my room is coming together pretty well and i am excited for the whole house to be ready for our HOUSE party! for those who dont mind a mess, there is a party over here every night with brew, super nes, and now featuring… utilities. hey ohhhhhhh!!! aight, talk to you later… and ill leave you with this quote from my father, “chigga, you crazy!!”