ok, so i wrote this entire thing once before and then when i went to submit it, my internet went out. here goes again…

this past week has been crazy busy and crazy fun. i am done with my internship and i am now up in stillwater sitting in my house!!! i get wireless internet somehow, so it works out well. im fo sho not complaining. this weekend we went to the river and had a blast the entire week. there were a few tense moments with everyone, but once those were done with and people quit acting like a baby (me) things went really well. we went to the lake several days, floated the river, sat around the fire, popped fireworks, watched dusty fantasize about lemon pie and then run around the trailer naked because of his gambling habits… classic. all in all, it was a great time and i hope those who went had a good time as well. the past three days, ive been getting moved into my house and getting everything situated. my room is coming together pretty well and i am excited for the whole house to be ready for our HOUSE party! for those who dont mind a mess, there is a party over here every night with brew, super nes, and now featuring… utilities. hey ohhhhhhh!!! aight, talk to you later… and ill leave you with this quote from my father, “chigga, you crazy!!”


  1. dajukie7

    ryan, the correct term is “chegro” or “colored parasitic larvae” otherwise you might offend them chiggers, haha, well i cannot wait to get up there, specially now that we have utilities, O SHIT SON!!!

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