I’ve still been really busy with the house. There is something to do everytime I turn around. I just got up a little bit ago. It is now 4:25 in the PM. I went to Tulsa last night to hang out with Joel, Christine, Layne, Felicia and Alicia and there friends. It was a good time minus the fued that took place. Afterwards, or I guess you would say in the middle of it, we went over to Felicia’s sister’s place and went swimming at like 2:30 in the morning. It was cold… at least that’s what I tell myself to hide the truth, hey ohhhhhh!! I drove back here to Stillwater around 10 and when I got back I went to sleep until 3 or so. All and all, last night was a good time.

In other news, Cole and I went and played basketball the other day at the park, STRAIGHT STREET! He beat me once and then all of a sudden, I turned it on because we had fans (ladies) watching. I couldn’t miss. It was truly off the hook. We are all hanging out over here tonight if any of you read this and feel the need to drive an hour to hang out. Just call beforehand… Holla!!


  1. dajukie7

    i’m wearing you’re underwear right now that you left at kurtis’, it’s almost like your right here……in my pants……girding my loins……WTF!

  2. slkdjfod

    there’s nothing in my email, i checked both my yahoo ones, and my work email, nothing.  thanks for getting my hopes up!  i’m gonna go check again, peace chigga

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