Phew… I am worn out. Let’s see, I got up at 8:30 only after being awoken throughout the night by me dying several times (coughing up a lung or two). I finished my homework, took a shower, went to school, took a test, and then we got out about 30 minutes early, which was nice. I think I did alright on my test, but you know how that goes. You think you did really good and end up getting a 63. Not that that has ever happened to me or anything. We’ll see tomorrow. I came home and made a “Tribute to Summer 2004.” I’ll try to link it up here somehow soon. Then I went to the OSU pool. Chelloooo ladies!! Of course I didn’t talk to any exceeding the casual, “what up trick?!” No, I keed, I keed. I did say hello to one… she wanted me big time. Hahaha…. I’m back at my place now and I don’t know what I am going to do for a little bit. I go play basketball nearly everyday now and I am trying to get in shape and get back into working out. My goal is to get back where I was last year, DAIM!!! Kick rocks….


Ok… see if this link works for my video. Summer 2004

1. Name: Ryan
2. Birthday: November 21
3. Height: 5’8”
4. Natural hair color: Brown
5. Eye color: Blue
6. Heritage: I’m a quarter Mexican
7. Gender: Male.
8. Location: 
Stillwater, OK.

9. Color: Blue
10. Animal: Deer?
11. Smell: Vanilla Candles
12. Song: My Best Friend – Tim McGraw                          
13. Band: Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw
14. Movie: Shawshank Redemption and Rock Star
15. Candy: The green and white mint things you get at Zio’s.
16. TV show: Fear Factor
17. Sport: Basketball and baseball, just getting back into baseball
18. Store: Bass Pro Shops
19. Country: the
Vatican or the United States, it’s a close call.
20. Dinner: My mother’s Mexican food
21. Cartoon: King of the Hill
22. Book: The Poisonwood Bible
23. Website: Mine, both xanga and geocities
24. Season: I like fall quite a bit,
25. Drink: Cream Soda
26. School subject: Math, I’m crazy good at it
27. Phrase: Hey Ohhhhhhhh! Or “I’m not a big fan of beastiality, but that’s a good lookin’ deer” or “HJ’s”
28. Swear word and/or phrase with a swear word in it (im changing this question): that shit’ll buff out!!!
29. Magazine: RedHead Fall Catalog
30. Restaurant: Ted’s .

40. Blink182 or Green Day? Blink 182 if I have to choose
41-60 were apparently stupid, so becky deleted them, thanks becky. I don’t know you becky, but thanks!!!

your last:
61. Hug: does Scott or Kurtis count? That’s sad I know… wait, I hugged Christine’s backside!! Yes!!!
62. Kiss: don’t kiss and tell.
63. Food you ate: Tuna, rice, and barbecue sauce.
64. Song you listened to: bring me home – Miranda Lambert
65. Person you talked to: Cole.
66. Thing you wrote: an email to Scott and Kurtis
67. Show you watched: I haven’t watched television in two weeks now.
68. Fight: Murph, last fall!!! Yowza!!!!
69. Failed test: managerial accounting, I dropped it
70. Phone call: Cole.

71. Outfit: cargo shorts and a gray beater
72. Music: Mos Def – Mathematics ( I told you I liked math )
73: Food: I am not currently eating
74: Crush: I can’t be expressing that to the world, now can I?
75: Smell: chlorine.
76: Feel: easy going, not really much of anything
78: Mood: the same? I guess, happy
79: Annoyance: phone calls during dates (it’s not my current annoyance, but that’s my bigest annoyance ever)
80: Activities: basketball, seeing animals on the side of the road that others usually never see

81. Do you have a bf/gf? no
82. Do you like someone? I think so, still trying to figure it out
83. Do you love someone? I don’t think so
84. Are you married? H no
85: Age of first kiss: 15, I think.
88. Have you ever confessed your love? no.
89. Have you ever kept your love quiet? yes.
90: Describe your current/last relationship: I don’t know if it was a relationship, but whatever it was, it was a good time!
91. Religion:
Southern Babtist, but still trying to figure out all of my views.
92. The government: republican.
93: Punk-Rock Music: only when I am in the mood.
94. Rap: fo sho… im game for all the lyrical shit
95: Love at first sight: naaawww, it could possibly turn into that, but not at first sight
96. One best friend: yes, though I have more than one
97: Snow: definitely, cause that means snow ice cream!! You know!!
98. Tooth fairy: I liked her, though I hear she got around
99. How everything began: don’t really know, one thing im still unsure about.

100. Thrown up: yes.
101. Played sick from work: nope.
102. Cried: no, not cried.
103. Done something you regret: yes.
104. Got drunk: yes.
105. Cut your hair: yes.
107. Been on stage: no
108. Been on TV: no
109. Dyed your hair: yes.
111. Cuddled: yes.
112. Fallen asleep somewhere besides your house: yes.
113. Gotten Stood up: yes
114. Stood someone up: yes
115. Gone out to the movies: yes
116. Fallen in love: in the past three months?  no.

117. Been hit by a car?: nope, neither me nor my car
118. Hit by someone of the opposite sex: like socked out? Yeah….
119. Have you ever hit someone: yes if we are still talking like 118 was, then yes.
120. Shot a gun: oh fo sho… it’s me…
121. Dressed up for Halloween outside of childhood: yes.
122. Broken the law: more than I liked to I think
123. Been arrested: no, but I live through scott, so ALMOST!!!
124. Set something on fire: yes.
125. Been scared you would die: YES!!!.



  1. slkdjfod

    scott and i were your last hug?……….good, keep it that way.  girls are the devil, they give you diseases and hugging leads to kissing and kissing gets you pregnant.  i don’t want you running around college with a baby in your belly so you keep your hands to yourself

  2. dajukie7

    you live vicariously through me! haha, that video is a tear jerker, great job w/ music lining up, kurtis has watched too many times, i might just make it on dvd so he can just loop it on tv too, haha, SUNDAY, that is the day i’ll be gracing yo uw/ my presence TRICK ASS BITCH

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