Chili’s Water

I spit hot fire (in Dylan’s voice)!! Quick story to tell. I went to Chili’s with some friends the other night. Those of you who know me at resteraunts, when I order water… I go to town. Anyways, our waitress wasn’t very happy to deal with us for some reason. She always chimed in at the inopportune times, like in the middle of a conversation that we are all having. Ok, so I get the water and before you know it I need a refill. She gives me a little more water and a ton of ice. So with that, I drank that water in like 3 sips and needed another refill. She never figured it out and everytime she came back, we just started cracking up. I felt that I should have tipped her a little more than I did because she kept my water soooo cold. Last night, we went to a party and left because I was going to show some of my friends my house. When we went back to that party, cops were outside checking I.D.s so lucky for us we had left. That worked out well because as much as I love them, I couldn’t afford a ticket right now.

I made a 94 on my stat test and I have made 30/30 on both my quizzes… I loooooove math!! We had a test today and again, I think I did fairly well. I really do like that class, it is fun to me.

“Don’t ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me!” I love that song and you know the girl that sings it has to be hot because she is quite the braggart….



  1. surferdude0313

    stat is the most boring class ever, if i wanted to i could probaly catch myself on fire run out the class estinguish myself and still not miss anything, but that seems a little dramatic to test

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