Today, I went xanga searching… I was just checking out other people’s xangas. I came across some funny ones, some not so funny ones and some crazy serious ones. These kids that write so deep and meaningful CRAP on their xanga need to realize that they don’t have enough street cred to be able to give wordly advice on xanga!! I understand that being 14 can be tough, especially on those prepubescent boys who just want to be able to shave.  This made me wonder how much drama can one have in their life when they are born in 1991…especially during the summer. Heck, you are out of school, you don’t have to worry about summer school, bills, gas prices, or your future for that matter! I guess some worries might be that you  can’t see your boyfriend/girlfriend because yall don’t have 3rd lunch together or pre-algebra together where yall write notes to eachother when you are sitting two seats down from one another. Though  you might get to see eachother when you can talk your parents into dropping you off at White Water so you can spend a couple of hours together in which yall may go down the bermuda triangle together or hang out in the same tube in the wave pool. So to those Emo 14 year olds who hate life because they are grounded from the computer (but yet some how, get on to tell the world about it on xanga) … take it easy, you’re on 4th street!!

Also, as I was checking out people’s xangas I came across one that made me think as well. This chicks xanga name was “Circumstances Mean Nothing” or something like that and the first thing that came to my mind was this… circum-stances may mean nothing, but circum-cisions may mean just a little bit more (or a little bit less depending on how you look at it, hey ohhhhhh)……


  1. dajukie7

    you are a crazy mother f’er……THANKS FOR THE WHOOPING COUGH BITCH….and all of the kids on my soccer team say the same thing, and i’m like, how do you have it so rough, and they’ll say “oklahoma sucks, i can’t wait to get out” and i’ll say “where in the hell have you been by age 14 that all the kids eat candy and have no supervision, i wanna go to” little bitches

  2. Anonymous

    haha wow i so agree about these stupid little emo kids..ya that sounded kinda mean but oh well…it’s rediculous…they’re like 10 and suicidal..haha we’ll thought i’d leave you my random comment.

    <3 jen

  3. Anonymous

    haha so i would tell you my middle name..but then i’d have to kill you and we don’t want that…just trust me it’s rediculously bad…haha ttyl

    <3 jen

  4. I_Walk_Alone_737

    Randomly came to your site! Love the update…maybe not so much the corny joke at the end. Ha. It is okay though, we all seem to do it from time to time. Make bad jokes that is. By the way you are adorable…

    Hope you summer is going well…GB!

    Kisses, Hugs, and Everlasting Love,

    ~Keri Amanda

  5. Anonymous

    So Stillwater is about an hour from Oklahoma City, the only thing I know about Oklahoma City is that it’s the capital of Oklahoma and Timothy Mcvay bombed there. You couldn’t imagine living anywhere else? Stillwater, Oklahoma must be a pretty awesome place, although to tell you the truth..it kinda sounds like a hick town..lol maybe I have a false impression of Oklahoma, you’ll have to straighten me out. – Katie

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