I went to the lake this weekend, just me and the folks. We hung out together Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday and it was a good time. I got crazy burnt again on the boat on Friday. Plus, I read 150 pages of a book…. A BOOK!! Then I went to the city and hung out with some people I haven’t hung out with for a year or so and that too was a great time. Scott and I came back up here to Stillwater and this morning I cooked bacon, fried eggs, and french toast. It was amazing I thought. Today, we painted Scott’s room, part of the kitchen, and pulled up the carpet in Scott’s room. It’s looking really good we think. We can’t wait to break the house in… enough with my life.

The serious side, somewhat… As I was driving to the lake this weekend, a friend of mine is going through I rough time with everything going on in her life right now and I was talking to her and I said, “I’m sorry to hear about your dad and everything,” and I got to thinking. What is that really saying… I’m sorry to hear that? Does it mean that I didn’t want to know that to begin with and it would have been better off for me not to know that? If you think about it and break it down, that’s kind of what that means. “I’m sorry to hear that,” it’s just like saying “keep that (explicitive) to yourself,” but just in a suttle way. What else are you supposed to say in that situation? So for now, I guess I will just keep saying that, but if people catch on, it could be bad news for me and whoever else says that phrase as well. Just a thought…

Yesterday, Scott and I went to James’ pool party/cookout thing and what else can I say other than we were off the hook.When we got there, everyone was just sitting around the pool and the first thing we do and cannonball into the pool and start spiking the hell out of the volleyball into people’s faces. I know, I know…it’s just a game, but we had to get the party started somehow. I mean we had everybody cracking up with just our regular conversation. We were telling the same old stories we always tell but we found out, we just need a new crowd, a new audience.  In order to continue our hot streak of funny stories and laughter of others in the future, we decided as a group to get a new crowd, a new audience…. Kurtis, you’re out, everyone else, you’re in!!! Welcome, and make yourself at home, we’ll start the good times soon.

Weekend Movie Review: “Boogie Nights”  This movie is not a family movie. Synopsis: The porn industry, and a 17 year old kid with blessed attributes… that’s all you really need to know to make your own judgement. Don’t invite the fam in to watch this together. Be sure to put the kids to bed before popping this bad boy into the DVD player. It was funny at times, but after the first 2 hours and 15 minutes, you were just ready for it to be over. Funny Quotes from “Boogie Nights”: “I’m gonna fuckin’ buy these!!” and “Shut up before I punch you in the god damn face!!” <— That one was said while the 17 year old kid was atop an female Asian spy that he was about to do it with.

Until next time, cheers….


  1. slkdjfod

    🙁  that’s sad, but alright, so long.  and have fun with the new audience.  i’ve got new shit i’ve been workin on and i’m glad i didn’t get to share it with you guys!!

  2. Anonymous

    Agh, even though going to a theatre is a day-long trip, it still sounds pretty fun, lake’s are cool..and you read a book, eh? haha and about the ” I’m sorry to hear….(etc.) ” I know exactly what you’re saying..that when you say that phrase it sounds like you really didn’t want to hear it..hmm, the english language is something else. – Katie

  3. dajukie7

    its going to be hard to rip off your limbs w/o a dick, haha, i’m not going to hump or you fleshy sockets wierdo, maybe lick em a little, but thats all.

    ()*Space Cowboy*()

  4. dajukie7

    are those robot boobies? thats hot, and i always keep a detailed log of which assholes i’ve been in, you would know, you’ve signed the sheet a couple times, HEY-OOOOO


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