We have come up with a new game that we like to play nearly every night, besides “Shotgun” and “Avoid Tetanus!” It’s called, “Who Gets to Eat Tonight!?!?” It’s a fun little game that only a college student can respect. In order to play, you have to find as much change as possible in order to get your meal paid for and the winner gets to eat. Tonight, Scott and I both tied. I had him beat on the home stretch, but we ended up in a tie when I went with water for my drink of choice. We walked up to the CiCi’s register with hands loaded with coins, both silver and copper and threw them onto the counter. The guy was nice about us being BROKE!! $4.33 to have all you can eat pizza. That ain’t bad. Tomorrow, we may have to skip out on the game, because the house is picked clean of change. Under the couch, the couch cushions, under our beds, our cars, our floorboards, behind the tv… it’s all cleaned out. Ramen…here we come!!  I need to call mi madre, so I can get some groceries and hopefully pay for some of my rent too.

If you have read Scott’s xanga, you know about our fight with hole punches… these little pieces of paper are everywhere. I told Scott tonight if he swept them up (they’ve been there for two weeks now, it’s about time) that I would give him a dollar. The only catch was that I am broke and this dollar would be a respect dollar. That’s right, the new currency. Forget those green backs, respect dollars take you way further in life. Once you get four of them, you can cash them in for a high five… up top, or down low, it’s your choice. You can either cash four of them or wait until you have 7 so you can get a double five, cross-town, or even some wiggles (Pauly Shore style). Either way, respect dollars are what this household runs on. Leave your credit cards at home because they can’t buy you repect OR high fives… UP TOP!!!


We just gave away FREE CABLE TV!!!!! Last week the Cox guy came out and turned it on for us when he was turning on our cable internet too. The only thing was, we weren’t signed up for cable tv or anything but he turned it out and we didn’t say anything. The Cox guy came back out because we were having trouble with our internet and we said something about the cable… he then knew that it wasn’t on our ticket that we were supposed to have it. So he had to sign us up for cable (that we have to pay for now). Oh well… we still get free playboy’s thanks to the people that lived here before us.  

Kanye’s new cd comes out Tuesday…. if I had some money, I would fo sho buy it at midnight. Maybe someone will and I can just buy it. Please Christine!!!


School starts tomorrow. No dice!! I am kind of excited though. I am taking a bunch of marketing classes this semester. Promotional Strategy, Legal Studies of Business, Consumer and Market Behavior, Sales Management, Macro Econ, and Managerial Accounting. I am anxious to see who all is in my classes. Hopefully people I know. We are starting our flag football team back up to. It’s pretty much the same team as last year but with a few more recruits. We’re changing our team name though from the 2nd String All-Americans to The Replacements. I like the old name, but change can be good I suppose.

The Second String All-Americans, 2004

Yesterday was awesome!! So we woke up around noon or so and then we got up and around. Scott and I had nothing on our agenda for the entire day until 3:30 and then we were on a tight schedule from there. At 1:30 or so we started to play some Madden and then we lost track of time. At 3:24 we left to go enter our live draft for our fantasy football league and then at 4:47 we left to go to the city for an indoor soccer game at 5:30… we were late. The best part of the night was the games, there were two. I played in them as well… my first soccer games ever and I did pretty well for my first time. I scored a goal with the help of a sweet pass by Chelsea. And I also got an assist, but I passes it to the other team and they scored the goal… an assist none the less.


You know what I love?!? Albino old guys named Eugene, Hepatitis B & C (A’s cool with me), and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…

Let us begin with Friday evening. It was late Friday night and a few of us went to Shortcakes. Shortcakes is a 24 hour diner that tends to every demographic amongst Stillwater, and how!! It was late and Cole, Stacia, Scott, Ashlie, along with myself all went to Shortcakes to eat (except only two of us ate). It was a good time for me being the fifth wheel, but not knowing this at the time. We met this old guy named who was dubbed Eugene by Stacia. Eugene is this crazy old guy that has a distinct look to him that reminds me of Powder (you know, that 1994 box office hit) with a slight resemblence of Courtney Love. How that works out you may ask, I don’t know exactly. This guy was talking loud but not really carrying conversation with anyone, and his words were not very distinguishable from moans and growns that came from him ever so often. The reason why I love this guy is that he is so friendly… he gave me a pat on the back and I’m pretty sure he eye humped the hell out of me too. Gotta love ’em!!

I don’t really love any of the hepetitis… (What is the plural of that!?!?) Though I do enjoy the company of Tetanus every now and then. It’s a fun game we like to play… “Avoid Tetanus.” Scott always wins though.

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a group back in the day with Mark Wahlberg, Scottie Gee, Hector the Bootie Inspector,  DJ-T, and Ashey Ace. Mark Wahlberg is freakin’ awesome. I love “Rockstar,” the movie and his most recent, “Four Brothers.” “Boogie Nights” wasn’t his best, but still mentionable. We went and saw “Four Brothers” last night and it had everything you could ask for in a movie like that. It had violence, bloodshed, a touching back story that was overshadowed by the sound of gun blasts, and it had ANDRE 3000. It was gooooood…. 


Yesterday at noon, I put up a new picture of myself on Facebook. For those who don’t know what Facebook is, here is a quick run down. IT’S THE NEW CRACK!!! Well actually, this crack is a year old and the second generation of Facebookers are coming in. It’s a good crop this year. But fo sho, the Facebook is like a college directory with so many colleges connected to it, that you can find anyone at any college pretty much. But about the picture, it’s one from two weekends ago at the Blue River in Tishomingo. Scott and I both took pictures that are similar. The picture was taken at a waterfall, and it’s my SI Cover Shoot. This picture was taken as a joke because we thought it would be funny and take a serious waterfall picture. Within 6 hours of this picture being posted 8 people signed my wall telling me either how homosexual the picture was or how my sex appeal was too much for the people checking it out to handle. I go with the latter because it boosts my moral. For those who think it is a homosexual picture of myself…it’s freakin hilarious. Your judgement of humor is lacking if in fact you don’t find this picture hilarious or at least slighty humorous. Here it is…

DAIM…. I Loooook Gooooooood!!!

The NFL football season is just around the corner. I can’t wait. Now I just need a tv and some channels to go with it in order to get my fill. I’m planning to defend the belt as reigning Fantasy Football Champs!!!


My Team Logo (Thanks Scott, with the help of theOpolis


Rule #1…I’m #1. Rule #2… the croc’s #2. Rule #3… Don’t Die.

These are the three rules that I go by on any of our trips that we go on. This weekend, we had a heck of a trip. Friday night, Kurtis, Scott, Steffen, and myself all went down to Wichita Falls, TX to hang out with one of Kurtis’ friends. She had a little get together and it was a good time. Apparently though, I didn’t attend this get together of theirs because in the 134 pictures that were taken, I am only in 8 1/2 of them. This may seem alright but there were no more than 15 people at this get together and how many situations are there at one place that are picture worthy. I must have been running around dodging the flash of the camera. It was a great time their and then the next day we just hung out, went to Popeye’s Chicken, nearly beat Mega Man and found out that creamed corn is luxorious.

Then on Sunday, we just left… took off… not knowing really where we were headed. We knew we were going to the Blue River in Tishomingo, but we didn’t know how to get there really. We had MapQuest, but their directions are terrible in every case that we have used them. We found exactly the spot where we wanted to camp. We get there, unload, get on our swim trunks and peace out to the river to discover not only the two holes that we knew of, but one more hole and 4 more routes that you can go into. These holes are awesome. They are in a waterfall that you have to go under and swim through a cave in order to get to the bottom of the waterfall. We then came back to build a fire and crash. Luckily, we were unprepared for just about everything. We didn’t have pillows, towels, anything really just ham, bread, and swim trunks (which I in fact forgot). The downside to this camping trip was the HORSEFLIES!!! They were everywhere, except for on the locals. It was crazy weird. All in all, we had a great time….

Mermorable Quotes from the weekend….

            “You know God has a sense of humor… just look, he made Scott.”

             “Pre-date or no-date,  you know I’m doin’ it”

              “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !#@$!@#!%#%$W%#@$%$#^%$#@”

     There are tons more that I forgot but most of them aren’t family friendly whatsoever. Sorry…