Rule #1…I’m #1. Rule #2… the croc’s #2. Rule #3… Don’t Die.

These are the three rules that I go by on any of our trips that we go on. This weekend, we had a heck of a trip. Friday night, Kurtis, Scott, Steffen, and myself all went down to Wichita Falls, TX to hang out with one of Kurtis’ friends. She had a little get together and it was a good time. Apparently though, I didn’t attend this get together of theirs because in the 134 pictures that were taken, I am only in 8 1/2 of them. This may seem alright but there were no more than 15 people at this get together and how many situations are there at one place that are picture worthy. I must have been running around dodging the flash of the camera. It was a great time their and then the next day we just hung out, went to Popeye’s Chicken, nearly beat Mega Man and found out that creamed corn is luxorious.

Then on Sunday, we just left… took off… not knowing really where we were headed. We knew we were going to the Blue River in Tishomingo, but we didn’t know how to get there really. We had MapQuest, but their directions are terrible in every case that we have used them. We found exactly the spot where we wanted to camp. We get there, unload, get on our swim trunks and peace out to the river to discover not only the two holes that we knew of, but one more hole and 4 more routes that you can go into. These holes are awesome. They are in a waterfall that you have to go under and swim through a cave in order to get to the bottom of the waterfall. We then came back to build a fire and crash. Luckily, we were unprepared for just about everything. We didn’t have pillows, towels, anything really just ham, bread, and swim trunks (which I in fact forgot). The downside to this camping trip was the HORSEFLIES!!! They were everywhere, except for on the locals. It was crazy weird. All in all, we had a great time….

Mermorable Quotes from the weekend….

            “You know God has a sense of humor… just look, he made Scott.”

             “Pre-date or no-date,  you know I’m doin’ it”

              “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !#@$!@#!%#%$W%#@$%$#^%$#@”

     There are tons more that I forgot but most of them aren’t family friendly whatsoever. Sorry…




  1. slkdjfod

    hahaha, remember when…..yeah, not family friendly.  or when……wait, still not family friendly.  but that was hilarious!  oh!  how about when you slammed your leg at dq and said….wait, not family friendly

  2. Anonymous

    the words may hurt yes, but that is why i included the little (wink) in there to counteract the hurtfulness of the pervious words hahahahahaha

  3. Anonymous

    your camping trip sounds like…quite the trip haha.. i hate to tell you but i have never experienced horse flies. – Katie

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