Here are pictures from last weekend… it’s the good stuff!!

Warning: Nudity, Obscene Gestures, Adult Language (in the captions), Adult Content… everything you could ask for in pictures except for the lack of Ryan in them.


11 thoughts on “Title-less

  1. sweet pictures!  i love them so much!!  omg they’re awesome, you’re the best ryan!  ….so if they’re everything you could ask for except for the lack of ryan, does that mean people ask for the lack of ryan yet are getting too much ryan?

  2. Hey guess what.  I’m going to the Seattle Supersonics vs. Houston Rockets game in OKC in October.  WOO HOO!!

  3. Ryan!! facebook friend hahah!! well the pics cracked me up and I’ll be in stilly to stay like saturday! let me know if anythings goin down!! talk at you soon!!

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