Yesterday at noon, I put up a new picture of myself on Facebook. For those who don’t know what Facebook is, here is a quick run down. IT’S THE NEW CRACK!!! Well actually, this crack is a year old and the second generation of Facebookers are coming in. It’s a good crop this year. But fo sho, the Facebook is like a college directory with so many colleges connected to it, that you can find anyone at any college pretty much. But about the picture, it’s one from two weekends ago at the Blue River in Tishomingo. Scott and I both took pictures that are similar. The picture was taken at a waterfall, and it’s my SI Cover Shoot. This picture was taken as a joke because we thought it would be funny and take a serious waterfall picture. Within 6 hours of this picture being posted 8 people signed my wall telling me either how homosexual the picture was or how my sex appeal was too much for the people checking it out to handle. I go with the latter because it boosts my moral. For those who think it is a homosexual picture of myself…it’s freakin hilarious. Your judgement of humor is lacking if in fact you don’t find this picture hilarious or at least slighty humorous. Here it is…

DAIM…. I Loooook Gooooooood!!!

The NFL football season is just around the corner. I can’t wait. Now I just need a tv and some channels to go with it in order to get my fill. I’m planning to defend the belt as reigning Fantasy Football Champs!!!


My Team Logo (Thanks Scott, with the help of theOpolis


  1. kayRenee24

    yeh hey! in case you didn’t know…we’re not able to see your pic…haha! oh and i thought the facebook pic was so f-ing funny I showed all my friends!! hehe! but it was equally hot…bwahaha! (i couldn’t hold it in!)

  2. Anonymous

    heyyy ryan whats up man, this is tom cahill. hadnt talked to u in a long time check out my xanga sometime. peace

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