School starts tomorrow. No dice!! I am kind of excited though. I am taking a bunch of marketing classes this semester. Promotional Strategy, Legal Studies of Business, Consumer and Market Behavior, Sales Management, Macro Econ, and Managerial Accounting. I am anxious to see who all is in my classes. Hopefully people I know. We are starting our flag football team back up to. It’s pretty much the same team as last year but with a few more recruits. We’re changing our team name though from the 2nd String All-Americans to The Replacements. I like the old name, but change can be good I suppose.

The Second String All-Americans, 2004

Yesterday was awesome!! So we woke up around noon or so and then we got up and around. Scott and I had nothing on our agenda for the entire day until 3:30 and then we were on a tight schedule from there. At 1:30 or so we started to play some Madden and then we lost track of time. At 3:24 we left to go enter our live draft for our fantasy football league and then at 4:47 we left to go to the city for an indoor soccer game at 5:30… we were late. The best part of the night was the games, there were two. I played in them as well… my first soccer games ever and I did pretty well for my first time. I scored a goal with the help of a sweet pass by Chelsea. And I also got an assist, but I passes it to the other team and they scored the goal… an assist none the less.


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