We have come up with a new game that we like to play nearly every night, besides “Shotgun” and “Avoid Tetanus!” It’s called, “Who Gets to Eat Tonight!?!?” It’s a fun little game that only a college student can respect. In order to play, you have to find as much change as possible in order to get your meal paid for and the winner gets to eat. Tonight, Scott and I both tied. I had him beat on the home stretch, but we ended up in a tie when I went with water for my drink of choice. We walked up to the CiCi’s register with hands loaded with coins, both silver and copper and threw them onto the counter. The guy was nice about us being BROKE!! $4.33 to have all you can eat pizza. That ain’t bad. Tomorrow, we may have to skip out on the game, because the house is picked clean of change. Under the couch, the couch cushions, under our beds, our cars, our floorboards, behind the tv… it’s all cleaned out. Ramen…here we come!!  I need to call mi madre, so I can get some groceries and hopefully pay for some of my rent too.

If you have read Scott’s xanga, you know about our fight with hole punches… these little pieces of paper are everywhere. I told Scott tonight if he swept them up (they’ve been there for two weeks now, it’s about time) that I would give him a dollar. The only catch was that I am broke and this dollar would be a respect dollar. That’s right, the new currency. Forget those green backs, respect dollars take you way further in life. Once you get four of them, you can cash them in for a high five… up top, or down low, it’s your choice. You can either cash four of them or wait until you have 7 so you can get a double five, cross-town, or even some wiggles (Pauly Shore style). Either way, respect dollars are what this household runs on. Leave your credit cards at home because they can’t buy you repect OR high fives… UP TOP!!!


  1. dajukie7

    i can’t wait to save up all my respect dollars for the gym, i will hi-five the hell out of you and no one else will get ANY!  Not unless they have been sweeping up around our house…or better yet, giving us change to aid in “who gets to eat!”

  2. slkdjfod

    i like the idea of these ‘respect dollars’ but it’s a second currency here in my house.  both you and scott still owe me!  but it’s ok, i’m a nice guy, you have all year to pay it off.  but boy, i can’t wait to come to your house to do random chores like dusting and doing the dishes and taking out the trash just so i can get more respect dollars than scott.  can i buy a slap to someone’s face?

  3. xxlionheart

    lol hey whats up!  yes, Thriller is the bomb!  Especially when you get a group of people together and dance at the same time to it, lol.  Respect dollars sound cool, and I know the feeling of scrapping around for change!!! lol!  I LOVE OSU!!

  4. Anonymous

    I saw you today… 🙂 
    next time I run into ya I’ll be sure to empty out my pockets,
    thats kinda sad that you guys are THAT broke.
    I’ll probably be that way soon cuz I’m using that lil meal plan thing like craaazy. 

  5. LittleLaurali

    i know it’s classy right…it’s not mine though i swear…and please i’ll kill you at catch phrase…or maybe we could just be on the same team and dominate scott…he’d never see it coming! <3

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