Month: September 2005


…So last weekend was a big hit. Yall all know this by now, but I am just informing yall once more. This weekend is gonna be a lazy weekend. My first round of tests are nearly over… one more next Tuesday. They were aight.. as aight as tests can get I suppose.

Some of you may ask, “What’s new in the life of Ryan?” Come take a gander into the lives of “Ryan and Inches”… Drink it up, it always goes down smooth!

I have been staying up way too late recently. Not really doing much of anything except playing on the computer and NOT STUDYING like I should be. We’ve had some crazy happenings at our house lately. Just last night we had a fight, Mortal Kombat style. I was Ryan, member of the East Side Locos, and Scott… he was Katlyn or whatever, you know the chick with the fans that just so happened to be razor blade sharp. It was intense, I WON, and even better is that we didn’t break a single thing. Also last night, at 3:30 in the morning, Scott and I played soccer in the dining room. It was crazy loud and again, we didn’t break anything. We also had about a 35 minute conversation about how we can make excuses to get away from people we didn’t like if the situation were to arise…. only our excuse (the one and only excuse) was to dip out in order to go hang out with the MonSTARS off of SpaceJam. We’d have to say something like, “Listen, I gotta run.. Larry, MJ and the tall purple stupid one are all waiting on me. The purple one crashed at my place the other night and left his keys… I gotta get them to him.” It would work everytime, you know it would. Don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about either!!

This is also one of our late night antics…Ladies, this one’s for you!!

Like a true playa do…


We’re dumb…. or I am atleast… (It’s a fan enjoying a cup of Joe)



The week is nearly over and I have been crazy busy with some recent tests. I have another one in the morning and then paaaarrrtttyyyy!!! There are gonna be quite a few people here, I’m thinking tomorrow night (Friday Night). It should be a good little time.

Other than studying for tests, that I haven’t been doing enough of, I have been playing around with this computer program that I just recently stole from Scott. Adobe Photoshop…yall may be familiar with it. It’s freakin’ awesome! I haven’t done anything except play around with all these pictures to do crazy stuff to them. It’s really fun (I’m a big NERD)!! Those of you who read this, pretty much know this already. Here are the pictures that I have been busy with doing crazy things to them…

Normal Times Square (Above) Raining Times Square (Below)… actual pictures I took!

Kickin’ Wings (Below)

The Boys Remixed (Below)

What an Abercrombie ad would look like if they took up hunting… (Below)


EDIT: CHECK OUT OUR NEW VIDEO WE MADE! IT’S AMAZING!! (you can tell because i’m writing it all caps)


Bedlam this year is going to be pure pandemonium. Both teams, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have crazy good offenses and both defenses aren’t half bad either. Bedlam at its best that’s fo sho! I don’t know what OSU football is gonna do when we actually have a tough opponent….saaayyyy the BIG 12! We are gonna get our tails kicked. I can’t wait until basketball season though. Basketball is gonna be awesome this year. The number one recruiting class in the country. We are young, but it is going to be exciting to watch us get better and better for the years to come. Hopefully, Eddie won’t leave anytime soon.

This next week is my first round of tests. It’s gonna be interesting…


Labor Day Weekend was a pretty good little time. Friday, we had a small little get together at our house. It was fun because it was random. No one planned on having people over, it just kind of happened. I wanted so bad to go to the lake because that is what I do every Labor Day Weekend since I can remember. I didn’t get to go this year because I can’t afford to drive there. Gas is crazy high as people know. Instead, we went to the first OSU football game…. DUMB!! Our offense might need to pick it up a bit if we want to go to a bowl game this year.

We had our first flag football game last night!! It was off the hook. How far off the hook you may ask. The answer….very far. We won by two touchdowns. It was only preseason but we looked good none the less. I had a receiving TD and my nickname Deacon Jones was redeemed.

It’s football season baby!! NFL STARTS TOMORROW!!!!

(sorry this is a dumb entry, they will be getting better)