Labor Day Weekend was a pretty good little time. Friday, we had a small little get together at our house. It was fun because it was random. No one planned on having people over, it just kind of happened. I wanted so bad to go to the lake because that is what I do every Labor Day Weekend since I can remember. I didn’t get to go this year because I can’t afford to drive there. Gas is crazy high as people know. Instead, we went to the first OSU football game…. DUMB!! Our offense might need to pick it up a bit if we want to go to a bowl game this year.

We had our first flag football game last night!! It was off the hook. How far off the hook you may ask. The answer….very far. We won by two touchdowns. It was only preseason but we looked good none the less. I had a receiving TD and my nickname Deacon Jones was redeemed.

It’s football season baby!! NFL STARTS TOMORROW!!!!

(sorry this is a dumb entry, they will be getting better)


  1. Anonymous

    Hey this just a random Comment i jsut thought youd like to know ur really HAWT and yeep thats all maybe you could comment me back somethime— so u like football?? ME TO so now u can MOS DEFF comment me well ttyl


  2. Anonymous

    you sure did win…
    there is just no competition between them and you with your cool socks! 🙂
    I take back my laughing at you from last night, it was inappropriate, haha. 
    I’ll talk to you later…..

    p.s. screw the NFL, the OC starts tomorrow!!!!

  3. LittleLaurali

    yay for the get together on Fri! the game was completely lame…but it was the season opener so i don’t know how you thought going to the lake would have been cooler! congrats on your preseason win… <3

  4. Anonymous

    okay so i saw that you are a junior at osu. if you’re in a frat then you might know my cousin Kathryn Campbell. She’s in a sorority there. if not then… there’s a lot of people at OSU so i’m not suprised. and i love the alllrrriiiggghhhtttsss and giggities. family guy is freaking awesome and quagmyer is my favorite character even tho he’s not on there much

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