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Bedlam this year is going to be pure pandemonium. Both teams, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have crazy good offenses and both defenses aren’t half bad either. Bedlam at its best that’s fo sho! I don’t know what OSU football is gonna do when we actually have a tough opponent….saaayyyy the BIG 12! We are gonna get our tails kicked. I can’t wait until basketball season though. Basketball is gonna be awesome this year. The number one recruiting class in the country. We are young, but it is going to be exciting to watch us get better and better for the years to come. Hopefully, Eddie won’t leave anytime soon.

This next week is my first round of tests. It’s gonna be interesting…


  1. xToxicAllurance

    hahh yeahh. by the way the girl above me “lo” was carly a week ago.. she steals people’s pictures & pretends to be them?? lol

    you’re gorgeous

    do you go to osu? my dad’s the sigma chi rush chairman there.. i’ll be there in 2 years!


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