The week is nearly over and I have been crazy busy with some recent tests. I have another one in the morning and then paaaarrrtttyyyy!!! There are gonna be quite a few people here, I’m thinking tomorrow night (Friday Night). It should be a good little time.

Other than studying for tests, that I haven’t been doing enough of, I have been playing around with this computer program that I just recently stole from Scott. Adobe Photoshop…yall may be familiar with it. It’s freakin’ awesome! I haven’t done anything except play around with all these pictures to do crazy stuff to them. It’s really fun (I’m a big NERD)!! Those of you who read this, pretty much know this already. Here are the pictures that I have been busy with doing crazy things to them…

Normal Times Square (Above) Raining Times Square (Below)… actual pictures I took!

Kickin’ Wings (Below)

The Boys Remixed (Below)

What an Abercrombie ad would look like if they took up hunting… (Below)


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