I just got done playing a little game I like to call, “Who’s the 7th Wheel?!?” It was awesome, I tell you that much. I go over to my buddy Cole’s place and we were planning on watching a movie. I knew going into it I was gonna be the 7th wheel and I figured with 6 other people there, 3 of which are my good friends, it shouldn’t be too terribly awkward. I was proven wrong very quickly…. I was sitting in the recliner when “the ladies” (none of which are mine) came walking in. Cole and Scott are sitting on the couch and the other recliner, respectively, and the first words that came out of this one girl’s mouth, after saying hi, was, “who is breaking the boy/girl rule” ( the rule where you have to sit boy, girl, boy, girl ) Awwwwwkkwwaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrddd!!!! Luckily, I didn’t drive and so I didn’t have a ride home because I would have dipped out right then and there pending the circumstances . From there, I went to Cole’s room and played on the internet for a little bit and Scott came back there and gave me his keys and said if I wanted to leave, I could just take his car. Thank God too because boy was I ready to bone out. I was way wrong about, “It’ll be cool , I’m with all my friends.” Haha, no sweat though… because I came back and just chilled with a playa, like a true playa do!

On a side note: Oklahoma State just started playing this new game that some people call football… I’m not sure, it might be -ootball with a soft “F.” None the less, it’s new to us, so take it easy on us for the first 9 games or so until we get settled down… 



  1. dajukie7

    You may have played “7th wheel” but I was the wingman.  I can only hope to follow in the footsteps of the great wingmen before me….such as Jeffery “Wingster” Massie.

  2. britneemichele

    aaaaaawwww… sorry about that ryan. i have a feeling it won’t happen again.

    ps… my roommate thinks you’re super hott. and she’s pretty cool too. you should come to our room and i will be the third wheel. if it would make you feel better.

  3. daddysliltexan

    Hey Ryan!! No worries I’ve concluded that with my friends I’m just always gonna be the spare tire!! HAHA I know it sucks though! Hope everything else is going well!! Much Love!

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