I am in the middle of “Clean Fest 2005: Part 6 1/2” right now and decided to take a breather and tell everyone about this past weekend. It was our fall break this weekend and today and tomorrow. We decided a long time ago, like freshmen year, that we were going down to A&M to see our football game. So this weekend.. we went down there and watched the OSU Football Team get their ace dominated 62-23… not too bad. That wasn’t the best part of the trip but the entire weekend was so much fun.

Our trip began Friday night when Cole and Scott came down to Midwest City to pick me and Dusty up. We hung out there for most of the evening and then took “naps” from 1 in the morning to 3:30 in the morning and headed to College Station from there. It took us 7 hours to get down there but it was really a quick trip full of anxiety becaues we had absolutely no clue what we were gonna do down there besides the game. We had no idea where we were gonna stay, if we were gonna stay, where we were gonna shower, or what there is to do in College Station. Luckily we had some friends down there and let us shower at their place and stay at another friend’s place. Before the game, WE SAW MR. POOKIE AND LUCCI!! They are some hard core gangstas and gave us the deuces. We followed them and I’m pretty sure we freaked them out. We went to the game 2 hours early and dominated some A&M fans in a football dive and catch game they had for the fans. We won footballs, t-shirts, seasoning salt, and people’s hearts. After the butt-kicking… we went to Dixie’s Chicken, a food place that ironically doesn’t serve chicken. We met up with my friend Laura and her friend Kelsey and then we went to Murph’s to shower and catch up with him a bit. From there, we got our hands on some Texas beer and went to Laura’s friends place and proceeded to have a good time. In the previous sentence, I said “good time.” By that, I meant that we had a good time, while the host of the party and her friends did not have a good time. We got up around noon and peaced out heading back to Oklahoma. It was an awesome trip back until the very end, when Scott got sick because of the substances in his body which included, Nerds Candy, McDonald’s, more candy, and chewing tobacco. As soon as we pulled up to my house, Scott ran out of the car and to the side and threw up like crazy. It was so freakin’ AWESOME!!!! Disgusting, yes, but it was so cool. I went to bed at 9:30 and didn’t wake up until 10:30 this morning. The weekend was awesome considering that we didn’t have any plans and we winged the entire trip.

I am up in Stillwater right now and getting pumped for “Fancy Dinner 2005” at Joel’s.

Recap of the Weekend:

7 Hour Drive. Pookie! Free Seasoning Salt. Ass Kicking. No Chicken at a Chicken Place. Murph. Laura. Passing Out From Lack of Sleep, NOT the Alcohol. 7 Hour Drive Back. Chewing Tobacco Incident. Catching Up on Sleep.  I LOVED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!


  1. slkdjfod

    yet somehow i didn’t get to see you once and i saw scott and cole twice!!!  sounds like you had fun though, that’s sweet.  you guys won the dive and catch game because of our many hours of offense-defense!!!  it was only practice for that, so i’m pretty sure you all owe me a few pieces of seasoning salt for helping you guys prep!

  2. dajukie7

    i blame me puking on some other demographics as well, like the chugging of what was left of my frappucino and your not stop discussion of me needing to puke and where to do it, THANKS!

  3. Anonymous

    new rankings are up!!  i know you love em, you’re my number one fan, you always check em out and you care, and you comment about them and you ask me all these questions about the broncos and i give you meaningless stats plus more that you don’t even wanna hear!!  wait, none of that’s true cept for the last part.  but still….you should check em out.

  4. Anonymous

    don’t live by that… whining won’t always get you what you want.
    especially with me, but I think you’ve learned that 🙂  lol

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