I’ve never used this xanga to go off on how I am feeling right now…. so I figured I wouldn’t start now and keep it all in, bottled up. I always made fun of those who use xanga to express how they are actually feeling. I understand that it may help, but I am sure none of those out there, who actually read this, really want to know what’s up in my life. So here… peep this sich (situation)… some random thoughts brought to you in bulk!

My birthday is in 20 days. I am a big fan of birthdays, especially when they are mine and especially when they are my TWENTY-FIRST birthday. I am getting, what seems to be, quite old. I am getting into way too many upper level classes. Upper 4000 courses!! That’s crazy. After next semester, I’ll only have 21 hours left to complete to graduate. That makes for a relaxing Senior year I hope. I have a job lined up after college, in Dallas. I have mixed feelings about this because I lived down there this summer and I loved being down there, just not in the traffic and just not in the south side of Irving, TX. Those of you who live close by down there now what I am talking about. I am being replaced, haha, I now know how Joel feels. Hunting season is among us, and I freakin’ love it. I saw 10 does last weekend and I could have punched one, literally. It came within six feet from Dusty and I. It was pretty awesome. I like to talk to my parents, but only when we talk about subjects other than me moving something or having to do something. I would much rather talk about my life and how theirs is. When we do, I love it. I like my sister and its fun to hang out with her. We were never like that when we both lived at home. It was more of a hate relationship rather than a love-hate one. That has changed. My brother is still a douchebag…enough said. It’s gift giving season, they’ll be around. I love basketball. OSU Basketball is here… Go MONDS!! You’re my boy!! I got some serious street cred up at the Colvin. I run the courts with the good people. Hopefully that makes me good too. I play better when I do play with them and I love to play well. I don’t like scary movies at all. Why do I spend money to go see them. I watched Saw 1, again, last night. I think I defecated in my pants more than once. Tomorrow afternoon, we are seeing Saw 2. Don’t worry, I am going to wear my “Oops, I Crapped My Pants Diapers.” I’ll be in the clear. Sorry about the randomness.


  1. sh00tingst4rs

    oh and i find it quite odd that you “defecated in [your] pants more than once” during saw it didn’t scare me lol but then again does it count that i was way drunk when i saw it?

  2. slkdjfod

    oh, no, you’re right.  we didn’t talk about going to tinseltown during matinee time cause it was only 3.50….BIG SIIIIIGH.  you are comin down friday though, right?

  3. kayRenee24

    good to know i’m wanted and loved!! haha!! aren’t you so excited about your b-day?!? yay! well hey you need to come play with us at mike and blakes more often, you and all the boys too!! k, well thanks for the pretty comment!! Love,
    BEER a.k.a. GBHRC (not sure if that’s right… but whatever! haha)

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