I am still reading this Babbit by Sinclair Lewis. I have thirty more pages to read in two hours or so. I have to take a quiz over the first 13 chapters of it before midnight tonight. It isn’t a very good book, but since I have been reading it, I have come to like it ok. It is very slow and I still haven’t figured out what the book is really about besides this guys life. It’s about a realtor and his life in the 1920s. It goes on telling about his mornings, wife and family, his parties, his days at work, his fishing trips to Maine, and his ways about sneaking around on his wife. Atleast that is what the story is about thus far.  I wouldn’t recommend this book to the avid reader, unless you are taking business law and you have to…. then I would recommend it.

Two More Weeks!!! I plan on getting rather crunk that night!!

My Weekend In Review: Coffee Shops, Reading, Cooking Lessons, Basketball, Weatherford, Purgatory, Getting Nearly Out Of Debt, Basketball, Reading…

This weekend was pretty dang ol’ fun. I have been going to Aspen Coffee this past week and I like it quite a bit. It is relaxing and the coffee isn’t half bad either. I went there Friday evening and read a couple of chapters of my book and had two cups of joe… After that, I made a grocery run and got the ingredients to make chicken nuggets. I got the recipe for them off of the food network and I made my own honey mustard sauce. They were breathtaking. Saturday consited of going to hoop with Cole and socking him out in the face. He deserved it though, that trick! Then from there Gabe, Cole and myself all went to Weatherford and we got to see Cole’s old stomping grounds. Then went to this crazy party that resembled Purgatory. This party was like 7th grade meets college. It was weird but really fun. We had Dance Party and everything so it was really fun.

I’m off to do a little more reading. Georgie F. Babbit is calling my name. I love him!


  1. Anonymous

    I know I’ve heard the story before,
    but all that talk about making your own sauce still makes me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ 
    you’re such a nerd. 

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