The countdown is officially at 9 days. That’s single digits baby!

Last night was freakin’ amazing. We had about 10 people all go out to the Tumbleweed. It was so much fun. I was a dancin’ fool no doubt. I about got into a little scuffle with some random black guy who told me to “get up off my [his] girrrrrrrrl dawg.” The thing was, I wasn’t even dancing with her. Luckily, my reputation for being a smart ass to most everyone I encounter in these kinds of situation preceeded me. I just had to put him in his place. It was a good time none the less. It was the first time I had been out there in a good while and it brought back my love for dancing. Welp, it never went away, but I really do enjoy have Dance Parties… they are off the chain!! Look forward to Dance Party 2005 part 7 and then to Dance Party 2006.

I am planning on going on home tomorrow morning I’m thinking. I haven’t quite decided but I think it would be beneficial. I have two big tests coming up this next week and a book to finish. Good ol’ Babbit. I’m sure I could get some serious studying done at home and plus I would like to see my Mom. My Dad is at the river right now and I thought about just driving there if they were both going to be there because I love that place, but my Dad went alone. My Mom is babysitting her friend’s kid this weekend I think. Hopefully that won’t be distracting my learning.

I don’t even care about OSU football anymore. We are going to get blown away by Tech tomorrow. I’m not going to see that. BASKETBALL IS HERE!!!!! We have had two exhibition games and our team looks promising. We have come out slow in both games, but finished big. Torre Johnson is looking amazing and my boy Monds has stepped up his game this year a whole lot compared to last year. Pettway is doing way better too, and JamesOn is just being JamesOn. We got some newbies learning the ropes right now, but once we figure things out it will be solid. We have so much depth this year which is good when it comes down to tournament play. BASKETBALL BABY!!! Can’t wait until Big 12 play!!


  1. slkdjfod

    sweet, if you come down, give me a call.  i won’t distract you from your learning or anything, i promise.  we can get lunch maybe.  i work at target tomorrow 1130-330 then sunday 9-5. so anytime not during those hours.  so maybe not luncher, but like dinner, or a snack, you know, whatever 

  2. slkdjfod

    i can’t believe you saw her and didn’t say anything!!  you better use my bday gift correctly, if i hear from someone that you didn’t, well then….i’ll think of something.  that should last you like a month!  51 days and i’m there dude!!!

  3. kamijane

    Hey Ryan! Yeah, the west coast is amazing… it’s totally your style, you should go sometime! Things are great here in Arkansas… glad to see you have xanga too! Have a great day! ~Kami

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