Welp, I guess I need to go on record now and eat my own words. In my previous xanga entry, I wrote that we [OSU] we’re gonna get rocked by Tech. Come to find out, our football team from previous years showed up last Saturday and we ended up winning. It came as a surprise to me along with the entire nation I’m thinking. As for this next weeks prediction… I’m gonna say that we may pull it out, but it will be a struggle with Baylor in Waco.

We had our first round of 3 on 3 basketball games last night. The Battletoads, which consists of me, Landon, Scott, and Cole ‘muh fuckin’ Martin, have a record of 1-1 as of now. We lost our first one 16-19, but we could have played better but it was still a great game. The second game was a breeze. We played some frat team and we dominated them. We were goofing off the entire time and won 19-8 I think. Cole and I almost hooked up for a sweet ‘oop  but the basket didn’t go. I was feeling it from beyond the arc and the pass masters Scott and Landon were on cloud nine that game. The lanes were wide open for the schematics of their passing game. (I don’t know if that last sentence made sense or not.) Next Tuesday is round two and it’s gonna be sweet. We had a pretty sweet fan base for this round, but I hope to have more for the next game. Pleeeeaaaaase!!!!

This weekend is going to be awesome. Thursday, I am going to go out on Dusty’s land and sight in my gun for rifle season. RIFLE SEASON!!! Scott is going to come out there with me and shoot my gun. His first time to shoot a gun was a couple of weekends ago, so he’s gonna give mine a try. Then I am leaving Friday to go to Holdenville to go dominate a trophy buck. I’m not going to get a doe this season until the last day if possible because I want to take a buck. My first one was last season, a 8-point and I want to add to my collection. For those animal rights activists, I eat all the meat too so don’t worry. I’m not just killing them to kill them. Plus, I help keep the deer population under control. On Sunday I am going home to my parents’ house and I am going to have my birthday dinner with them. I asked for my mom to make Mexican food and I think she is going to. I love her cooking, especially her Mexican food. I don’t know what I am going to get from my parents. I didn’t ask for anything in particular so we’ll see. The past couple birthdays I have gotten hunting stuff. Freshman year, I got a shotgun for my birthday and a rifle for Christmas. Last year for my birthday, which also landed on the first weekend of deer season, I got a pretty sweet camo-ed out gun case. This year is a coin toss though. When I get back to Stillwater at midnight….it’s on!!

I got my second birthday present today and this time, it was from Scott. It’s a Bob Marley poster. It’s freakin’ sweet. I am a big fan of Bob Marley because of his music. Now my only task is to find a place to put it up without looking like I am a pot head. My first birthday present was from Kurtis. He got me a roll of pennies. I know what you are thinking, I mean c’mon… a roll of pennies, that’s only 50 cents. But it’s deeper than that, it’s 50 bottles of sweet nectar. Coin Beer night is going to be nuts.


 <—- I’ll see you in 5 days!!


  1. RockNRoses214

    haha you’re going to have to let me know what it’s like being 21! I like the post, its definitely amusing. This friday I am going coon hunting for the first time, it should be an interesting experience!!

  2. dajukie7

    haha, all i know about schematics is they belong is secret labs, so that sentance makes sense to me.  i’m jealous of the “coin beer” present, a brilliant gift that everyone (aside from you) is getting when they turn 21, haha

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