the official countdown is 363 1/4 days……..

my birthday is over *sigh*. it was amazing to say the least. sunday night i had my family birthday party and i banked. i got some much needed cash, some tea (thats right, tea), and a ticket to bedlam as well as the alcohol talk more than once. my mom told me that it was ok to drink as long as it was in moderation and then she proceeded to tell me that she could hang with the best of them…. weird. i drive back to stillwater and at midnight, i made my first beer run. it was really interesting because i walked up to the counter with beer in hand knowing that i couldnt get in trouble for it. it was really weird. when i got to my house in town, joel, christine, greg, gabe, landon, scott, and the fashionably late cole were all there to wish me happy birthday. there was cake, cards, presents, and brew… on monday, we all went to chili’s for dinner and then that night went out. it was so much fun, at least the part i remember. thank you to all those that wrote on my facebook wall and my xanga comments page wishing me a happy birthday. it really was…oh, and thanks to all those who bought me drinks. i dont know whether to truly appreciate it or to hate yall… the outcome wasnt desired.

happy thanksgiving everyone!!!


  1. LittleLaurali

    you’re comment was rude…and unlike these other people i hope you had a horrible b-day! haha just kidding! you should give me a call sometime and we should hang…i haven’t seen you in years!

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