This is the last week of school before dead week. It’s crazy how fast this semester has gone by. I remember the night before the first day of school this year. I am looking forward to the end of the semester, don’t get me wrong, but I am just blown away that it is already the end pretty much. I have one quiz tomorrow, a test Thursday, and then another test next Tuesday and I’ll be done until finals. Those will be interesting, as always.

Thanksgiving was amazing. I fogot how much I loved this holiday. I ate so much and everything was delicious except for the squash caserole. I always get it each year because I forget how it tastes and then I always regret my decision of getting it immediately after tasting it. I learn my lesson by round two.

I spent the weekend with my sister in Norman and that was so much fun. We went to The Mont of Friday and had a great time. I saw alot of people I knew there and a bunch of my friends came out with us even though they weren’t 21. I went to the game on Saturday and I about had to throw down in fistacuffs with a 60 year old man who, apparently,  spent Thanksgiving alone. He said some awful things to me which were completely unprovoked. That’s, of course, until he got in my face and then I did a little provoking then. I was with my buddy Jeff and we were both like, “Did that just happen!?” It was crazy…. Erica summed up the game quite well, “Hopefully, all the Cowboy fans closed their eyes during the game (kind of like Pena does when he throws the ball).” I thought that was fitting.


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