Month: December 2005


Finals week 🙁

I am done on Wednesday so that is a plus.

Thursday….PAAAAAARRRRRTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read my heading, it applies to Thursday night. The party is gonna be here in Stillwater at my house. Christmas sweaters are welcomed. It should be a great time. I hope everyone gets to attend… this is your formal invite, if you have yet to get one. Just get a hold of me for directions. Yeah!! (lil jon style)

 I hate the NOW cd’s…. that’s why I am “listening” to them I suppose.



I am now listening to something….



I was tagged about a month ago and then again just recently so here goes, 5 random things about me….


1. I cannot swallow my own spit in the morning until I have brushed my teeth. I will keep spitting until I do so.

2. I have to wear an undershirt for anything that I do… I nip like crazy, even when it is 96 degrees outside.

3. When I shower, I do the same thing in the same order every time…. hair, face, body, feet, hang out and rock out to a song or so. Shower radios are solid.

4. I am a big fan… big fan of Bob Marley, though I don’t smoke. “Is This Love” is my favorite song of his.

5. I’ve broken the same ankle 4 times… or 5, I’ve lost count. Everytime I have broken it, it’s been some crazy way like playing frisbee or drop kicking someone.

I think this is our this whole tagging works…