I am now listening to something….



I was tagged about a month ago and then again just recently so here goes, 5 random things about me….


1. I cannot swallow my own spit in the morning until I have brushed my teeth. I will keep spitting until I do so.

2. I have to wear an undershirt for anything that I do… I nip like crazy, even when it is 96 degrees outside.

3. When I shower, I do the same thing in the same order every time…. hair, face, body, feet, hang out and rock out to a song or so. Shower radios are solid.

4. I am a big fan… big fan of Bob Marley, though I don’t smoke. “Is This Love” is my favorite song of his.

5. I’ve broken the same ankle 4 times… or 5, I’ve lost count. Everytime I have broken it, it’s been some crazy way like playing frisbee or drop kicking someone.

I think this is our this whole tagging works…


  1. slkdjfod

    ha, i have the same thing about showers, cept my order is hang out and rock out, shampoo, wash the face, condition (cause otherwise the face soap makes your hair nasty), then soap up the body.  even my body has an order…and yes, i will endulge…stomach, chest, hands, arms, shoulders, arm pits, as much as my back as i can get, then down from there..  i can’t alter that order or my entire reason for existence would be shot.

  2. dajukie7

    why are you not listening or watching or playing or reading or something!!  My problem with the shower is I just hang out at the beginning, for a really long time.  That is why my showers take 30 minutes, because I just stand in there, gettting my confidence up that I can do great things like shampoo and condition right after, I can wash my body with scented lather and loufa.  Also, I usually spend most of the shower in fear that an unnamed roomate will throw ice cold water over the shower curtain and cause my body to have a miniture shock, so its hard to really get into to it, knowing you are being hunted, haha.

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