Month: January 2006


Wowza… I have been up since 5:37 this morning. That is incredibly early for me. I started working this week at Albertsons… hey ohhhhh! I stock and “face” and block. It’s really quite easy. It’s now 12:24 in the PM and I have worked a 6 hour shift already. I get about 25 hours per week so that’s pretty good. We also get paid every week which is gonna be awesome. Also, the days that I don’t work at Albertsons, I will be officiating intramural basketball. I have no freakin’ idea why I am gonna be doing this again. I did it last year and I didn’t enjoy it that much. I know pretty much everyone at the Colvin Center this year so hopefully it might be a little better. The only reason why some of those people of there know me is because of what happened this year in intramural football when I got kicked out of our last regular season game for “fighting.” So hopefully I will have some spending money this semester because last semester I had none!!

I am going to Kansas City in 3 weeks for a weekend with Dayton Rose. It’s gonna be a great time. D is getting married in a month so we’re going up there for who knows what, right? I might even have some money to gamble with. Blackjack tables, here I come. Daddy needs some rent money and dollar bills for the strippers. D and I went up there my freshman year for the NCAA basketball tournament to watch OSU play Memphis and Eastern Washington State. So we’re returning to our old stomping grounds. I wasn’t able to go to the casinos that time, so this time will be much better.

I am also going to  promote the book that I am currently reading. Well, I guess not currently because I only read this book when I am in the office. But none the less, this book is a classic. Full of crazy good stories and facts that you never know when they will come in handy. Pick up a copy for yourself, and the next time you handle you own bidness…. read up on your choice of Bruce Lee, or a 21 year old kid of stole and flew a plane while he was still drunk from his birthday 4 days earlier, or Straight and Gay, Oklahoma (towns that do exist). Choose wisely because most people only have enough time for 2 or 3 stories.


Happy MLK DAY tomorrow!!

The first week of class is done with and so far, so good. I am taking 18 hours and I am going to have my hands full but it should be fun. Here is a quick run down of my classes.


Services Marketing (9:30) – We have to write article summaries and such about services marketing like hotels and stuff.

Productions and Operations Management (10:30) – It’s MSIS 2 but with more math so I think I will like it. I am a big fan of math which is weird but I like it.

Business and Professional Communications (11:30) – Speech 2 with more speeches and stuff. I have my roommate Landon in that class so it will be fun.


Marketing Research (9:00) – The teacher said it will be the hardest marketing class we have taken. I am not really looking forward to that, but it is some of the stuff I did at my internship this summer. Hopefully, I am a step ahead of the game.

Marketing Strategies (10:30) – It’s supposed to be the last marketing class you take as a senior… uh oh!

Managerial Accounting (12:30) – The easier of the two accounting classes I have to take… it’s more statistics, so I think I will like it.

On the side of all this I have going on, I just got a job at Albertson’s. Supposedly, I don’t have to do a whole lot but I haven’t started just yet. I have to wait for my results of a drug test which I am confident I’ll pass (haha). Scott just got a job as well at McAlister’s Deli. We are both BROKE so these jobs are our critical at this point. Our intramural 5 on 5 basketball team is about to start up too. The Battletoads are back baby! Tuesdays at 11:00 pm… be there! Wish me luck this semester, it’s going to be hectic…



It has been a while since I last updated so I figured I’d give it a go especially since school is fast approaching and I will be swamped during this semester. Quite a bit has happened since December 12 of the year 2005. Finals went well and Christmas break has been a blast. I got a digital camera so expect many pictures to be posted in future posts. I didn’t get very many clothes and for the first time I was dissappointed that I didn’t. Weird. New Year’s Eve was fun. Gabe, myself and our buddy Jed all came up here to Stillwater and went to Joe’s. It was a good time, saw some people we knew and just hung out there for the evening. Happy New Year’s! My New Year’s resolution was to quit drinking coke. I have done it in the past and I know I can do it until the summer at least… that’s when there are free cokes at my internship and you got to when they are free. Next came January 2nd…. Kurtis’ 21st Birthday. It was a blast! We had several people up here for a little birthday party and that was exciting. Here are a couple of pictures and then a picture of the aftermath…. Happy Birthday Kurtis!


School is coming around and I am excited about the upcoming semester. I am taking 18 hours, but we’ll see if I am gonna drop one after the first week. I taking 3 4000 levels, 2 3000 and a 2000 level class. It should be fun. I am taking Marketing Strategy, Managerial Strategy Marketing, Managerial Accounting, Services Marketing, Productions and Operations Management, and Business and Professional Communications. Should be a jam packed semester and hopefully interesting in a good way.

I’ll be getting back into updating this so keep on checkin…