Happy MLK DAY tomorrow!!

The first week of class is done with and so far, so good. I am taking 18 hours and I am going to have my hands full but it should be fun. Here is a quick run down of my classes.


Services Marketing (9:30) – We have to write article summaries and such about services marketing like hotels and stuff.

Productions and Operations Management (10:30) – It’s MSIS 2 but with more math so I think I will like it. I am a big fan of math which is weird but I like it.

Business and Professional Communications (11:30) – Speech 2 with more speeches and stuff. I have my roommate Landon in that class so it will be fun.


Marketing Research (9:00) – The teacher said it will be the hardest marketing class we have taken. I am not really looking forward to that, but it is some of the stuff I did at my internship this summer. Hopefully, I am a step ahead of the game.

Marketing Strategies (10:30) – It’s supposed to be the last marketing class you take as a senior… uh oh!

Managerial Accounting (12:30) – The easier of the two accounting classes I have to take… it’s more statistics, so I think I will like it.

On the side of all this I have going on, I just got a job at Albertson’s. Supposedly, I don’t have to do a whole lot but I haven’t started just yet. I have to wait for my results of a drug test which I am confident I’ll pass (haha). Scott just got a job as well at McAlister’s Deli. We are both BROKE so these jobs are our critical at this point. Our intramural 5 on 5 basketball team is about to start up too. The Battletoads are back baby! Tuesdays at 11:00 pm… be there! Wish me luck this semester, it’s going to be hectic…



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