Wowza… I have been up since 5:37 this morning. That is incredibly early for me. I started working this week at Albertsons… hey ohhhhh! I stock and “face” and block. It’s really quite easy. It’s now 12:24 in the PM and I have worked a 6 hour shift already. I get about 25 hours per week so that’s pretty good. We also get paid every week which is gonna be awesome. Also, the days that I don’t work at Albertsons, I will be officiating intramural basketball. I have no freakin’ idea why I am gonna be doing this again. I did it last year and I didn’t enjoy it that much. I know pretty much everyone at the Colvin Center this year so hopefully it might be a little better. The only reason why some of those people of there know me is because of what happened this year in intramural football when I got kicked out of our last regular season game for “fighting.” So hopefully I will have some spending money this semester because last semester I had none!!

I am going to Kansas City in 3 weeks for a weekend with Dayton Rose. It’s gonna be a great time. D is getting married in a month so we’re going up there for who knows what, right? I might even have some money to gamble with. Blackjack tables, here I come. Daddy needs some rent money and dollar bills for the strippers. D and I went up there my freshman year for the NCAA basketball tournament to watch OSU play Memphis and Eastern Washington State. So we’re returning to our old stomping grounds. I wasn’t able to go to the casinos that time, so this time will be much better.

I am also going to  promote the book that I am currently reading. Well, I guess not currently because I only read this book when I am in the office. But none the less, this book is a classic. Full of crazy good stories and facts that you never know when they will come in handy. Pick up a copy for yourself, and the next time you handle you own bidness…. read up on your choice of Bruce Lee, or a 21 year old kid of stole and flew a plane while he was still drunk from his birthday 4 days earlier, or Straight and Gay, Oklahoma (towns that do exist). Choose wisely because most people only have enough time for 2 or 3 stories.


  1. Anonymous

    ha ha,,,well that was my last day to work there. too bad we didn’t get to work together. How is that going for you? What department are you in?

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