So it’s been a month and a half since I last updated and quite a bit has happened. A quick recap…. I’m doing pretty well in school, I won 80 bucks at the casinos in Kansas City, I was gone for a week doing Oklahoma Close-Up, I’m working a little bit making a little money and I bought a pair of cowboy boots and I love them.  (See Above)

For spring break, I am going to Port Aransas with Cole and Kurtis. It’s an 11 hour drive and it’s going to be a blast. We’re all 21 so it will be fun. I have been meeting quite a few people as of late and making new friends which is kind of weird. It’s not weird, but just different because you know, you usually have your friends and that’s it. I kind of felt like I needed to get out there more and take some chances, so I am doing just that and it is working for me right now. I’ve made a few new friends. Softball season is approaching and I am so excited. It’s my thing… I’ve been throwing the ball around and my arm is feeling pretty good. I’m going for the MVP this year. I don’t have alot… maybe later.


  1. dajukie7

    you’re listening to T-Pain and rocking the boots…word. Kurtis, the shoes also make him taller, so if he can adjust to playing offense-defense in em’, we’ll never win again!

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