Tomorrow night is the big night! We leave for PORT ARANSAS, TEJAS. It’s down near the southern tip of Texas and we pullin an all nighter to drive down there.We leave Stillwater around 11 – 11:30 because Cole doesn’t get off work until then. From there, we’re out…. Cole, his roommate Brant, Kurtis along with myself are all headed down there to stay with my friend Laura who I met last summer. She was nice enough to let us pass out at her friends place when we went to Texas A&M  for the football this past fall. This time around we’re staying at her friends beach house, about two blocks from the beach. The only beach I’ve been to on the Gulf is in Destin, Florida and it was amazing there. This is the road trip map that we are taking…. 11 Hours and 4 Minutes…

Google Maps is the best…. DOUBLE TRUE!!!

I am so freakin’ excited about the trip. I’ll have pictures when we get back. What more can one ask for on a spring break trip….4 heterosexual guys, the beach, and brewhaha….

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  1. dajukie7

    that is mapquest poser biatch! hahaha, I hope you guys break a toilet, that would be impressive! I got Kurtis’ 21 bday dvd for us, premier tonight at our house…be there?

  2. KBean19

    have a blast in texas…i was down there a few years ago for spring breaking and what can i say…too many bikinis to take in at once…take lots of pics!  hope all is well!

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