Friends, Laughter, Sharing…

712.6 miles later, and I am back at work in Irving. Friday, I left work around 12:30 and headed for Stillwater. My mom’s birthday is today and we had a surprise party for her last night at my aunts. So instead of staying down here and just driving up Sunday and then having to drive back that night, I went up to Stillwater and hung out for the weekend. It was a blast and it makes me wish I lived up there for the summer. Friday night, we all went out to Joseph’s (Eskimo Joe’s). It was a good time and but they did raise the price of brew from $1.00 a cup to the inconvenient $1.50 a cup. So that came as an unpleasant surprise. Saturday morning came and I have found that after I drink, i can never sleep in like most everybody. I woke up around 10:00 and of course with a headache and just layed there for 2 hours. then kurtis and i did some bike riding around town. it was a solid bike ride. then saturday night, we went to walmart and got hamburger stuff and we grilled out hamburgers. it was outstanding and a good showing too. christine, joel, kurtis, scott, britnee, me, and steffen came later. that was our 2nd time to use our grill that we’ve had for a year now so it was fun. we lit the tiki torches and sat out there for a few hours and just hung out. it was a good time. sunday, i woke up early, packed, made my bed and then headed out. my moms birthday party was next. she loved it. all of her friends and family was there… she turned 50 today. she cried alot and her and my dad got a cruise as a gift from everyone. i got back to dallas at 12:30 this morning so i am really tired… back to spider solitaire or ebay or something…. deuces!


ok, so since i havent done anything at work for the past two days… this is what i have been doing pretty much. some things im thinking about purchasing but probably not. here goes….

a sirius radio with a car kit and a home kit….. quite an investment. of course i wouldnt be listening to coldplay because that’s how you know you’re gay.

a fossil watch (not actually this big) the only thing i dont like is the numbers, but still kind of cool.


old school nike kicks… i have to find these first because they arent anywhere online

the ones i want are kind of like these except the grey would be navy… minus the grey part on the bottom which would still be either grey or white.


WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fantastic start to the day. I walk out, the normal time 7:55, and only to find out that I can’t find my truck. It is nowhere to be found. I walk each floor of the parking garage (5) and I could have sworn I drove it yesterday and parked it.So now, I am already late for work and I call the police to figure out if it was stolen or towed or whatever… come to find out, it was towed. Lovely! So now, I got to figure out how to get over there and get my truck from those bastards. I start the weekend in a bad mood, missing a day of work, and poor because all my damn money is going to the tow company. EXPLICATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the Knights of Columbus!

Usually, Kurtis gets to his work before I get to work down here in Dallas. I don’t know whether it is because he has to be in at 7:00 or because we are in different time zones. I digress, he has been good about writing me emails so that when I come into work at 8:30, I have something to read from Kurtis. Sometimes it’s the 3 surveys I wrote him after he got off work the day before, or sometimes it is just a good morning email (which is always nice). Yesterday, I decided I’d return the favor with a good morning note to him. So I sat down yesterday (i was sitting previously to that because i dont do anything at work, but it helps the story flow) and began writing kurtis the good morning note and i found it to be very difficult to write. It wasnt difficult in the sense that i had nothing to write about, but difficult because i was writing about the future in present tense. if you dont know what im talking about, here is an example, it is 4:30 pm and you are writing to the person who is going to be reading it at 7:30 am the next morning,

“You should also have some of my surveys and I expect to see them returned today (tomorrow) sometime since me and you are the only ones that do these dumb things. I may even create a survey if I get bored today (tomorrow).”

It was so confusing for me to write so I can only imagine how confusing it was to read especially 7:30 in the morning. As I was writing this, i was thinking, “man, i know how michael j. fox felt in all those “back to the future” movies. he must have been in a world of hurt as he was talking to his parents back in the past in present tense when speaking about the future. He had to travel, by himself, through the time continuem a number of times in his 1982 DeLorean running only on banana peels, beer cans, and old brown lettuce.  No wonder he has parkinson’s disease now. The loop holes he and Doc found must have messed up his genetics and now he has the shakes. I guess that’s what you get when you mess with Biff.

“The Enchantment Under the Sea”

This morning on the way to work as i was fighting downtown Dallas traffic there was only one picture that I had in my mind the entire time, besides the semi’s “am i a good driver? call 1-800-brake4u” sign in front of me…. was frogger.

This was all I could think of as i was trying to get on the highway and cross 6 lanes to get in the far left to get onto another highway a mile down the road. It is an intense game i like to play in the mornings only the frog is me in my truck. Its a rush because one bad move and you’re toast, my friend, toast. The one thing you gotta watch out for is you caring what other people think. That just doesnt fly in dallas, you cut people off you speed by them, give them an unfriendly honk. In order to get to work on time, you have to have complete disregard as to what other people think and feel. Until tomorrow, pending my boredom later today, cheers!


let’s start with this past weekend… i didnt do a dang thing. friday, i got off work around 3 in the afternoon and headed home. saturday rolls around and john and i both went to get a hair cut and then went to the mall to get accessories for john’s newly bought ipod. it is a nice mall and i dont even know the name of it. i didnt get anything because i am poor right now and i only have enough money to buy gas to get to work. when we got home, we went to the pool and apparently that is the party joint. everyone was out there swimming and drinking. it was nuts. that night we went to this mexican place called “chuwy’s” with one of johns coworkers and it was pretty good. sunday, john left for wisconsin and i just went outside to swim and get a tan and then i worked out. nothing much else to do really by myself. that was my weekend in a nutshell. dumb!

no coke count: 7 days

ill think of something creative to write about later…. sorry

You mean to tell me you ain’t got no nipsy daisies, honkey lighters….

So I have been on a health fix as of late. The past week, I have been working out like crazy. I have been working out and heating healthy trying to get in some kind of shape. I am in shape due to basketball, but I am wanting to have noticable change by the end of the summer. I have been running each day and lifting weights and working my abs each day after I get home. I took one day off because you are supposed to let your muscles rest, but I still ran. I run for 30 minutes everyday and that past 3 days I’ve ran 3.86 miles, 4.06, and yesterday I ran for 4.1 miles all in 30 minutes. My goal is to gain muscle mass all while losing some fat pounds. I have been eating right too. I eat 4 times a day, but all small amounts and healthy food. I’ve had like sandwiches, specifically peanut butter and honey, at 11am and again at 3am and then a healthy dinner like a tuna sandwich or black bean soup that i made for dinner. Also, I’ve been drinking the recommended amount of water each day too. You are supposed to be drinkin 8 cups, but I have been drinking more of that. No coke in 3 days! It is a start… note the date, June 6th was my last coke. No coke for a while, hopefully the entire summer, maybe longer. My longest period of no coke drinking was 6 months… I can do it again. This will help me lose weight too… I am pumped about being healthier, because I am usually not healthy at all. Cheers.


You don’t smell like Santa…

I was thinking yesterday as I was eating my Subway 6-inch spicy Italian sandwich, on honey oat bread with everything on it except bell peppers with spicy mustard, that there is nothing worse than having a bad last bite. You know what I’m talking about? You get down to the last little bit of anything whether it be a sandwhich, a candybar, a meal… you have to have a good last bite or the entire thing disappoints. That last bite has to be reminiscent of the each of your previous 17 bites. This is why I make sure that there is a little bit of everything on that last bite. I’ll use my Subway 6-inch spicy Italian sandwich, on honey oat bread with everything on it except bell peppers with spicy mustard, as an example. Yesterday, I made sure that there was a little piece of all the meats, most of the vegetables, and plenty of the spicy mustard on that last piece. Needless to say, that last bite was a delight.

I was also thinking about some of the other annoying annoyances that I have and figured I’d expose these to the woooorrrrllllddd (or kurtis). I guess one that comes to mind is when people are typing and use “your” when they say “your the best” or something to that effect. I want to know who exactly can possess “the best” and what exactly “the best” is. They should be using the conjunction “you’re” which is “you are” for the layperson. I understand that when you are in the moment of talking on AIM, one can slip up and that’s understandable, as long as they correct it. Another pet peeve of mine is when people are talking, giving a speech, and they put their hands together making a clapping noise too many times!! That or they drop their hands to the podium making a loud banging noise and they do this repeatedly, unknowingly. This drives me up the wall… more to come later today, I gotsta think a bit…


I found this in an article explaining the effects of alcohol… why I was looking this up, I have no idea. But, this is explains why certain things happen whilst intoxicated, i.e., the summer of 2004 incident while we were all over at Natasha’s as well as other things, i.e., Kurtis and I trading hits, and him hitting me in the nose with a giant Jager bottle. Cheers.

“Alcohol, once it has crossed the blood-brain barrier, will inebriate the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain responsible for executive functions such as rational thought) and work its way down to the limbic system. It won’t however affect the limbic system. This turns out to be a problem because the limbic system, being the most primitive part of the brain, then takes over the role of rational thought.

This is problematic because the limbic system is entirely emotional, and one then begins to think with their emotions rather than the rational area of their brain (the cerebral cortex). A surprisingly small amount of alcohol will have an instant effect on ones ability to control their emotions as a result. A comparatively large amount of alcohol and one might become violent or completely out of control in other respects. “


70 Questions to Start the Summer

1. Are you in a relationship?………..nope

2. Are you currently fighting with anyone?…………. constantly with myself, my emotions, my thoughts. what can i say? im a cutter…

3. Where do you live?……………for the summer. Dallas, TX

4. What is your favorite candy?………..Whatchamacallit…delish!

5. Favorite thing to do in the summer?………….go to the lake, play basketball

6. Been in a fist fight?………….kind of… i guess not technically

7. What was your least favorite subject this year?……….consumer behavior

8. What was your favorite subject this year?………….promotional strategy

9. Current top 5 favorite songs…

10. Last time you drank alcohol……..friday night

11. Name something that’s on your mind…………my windshield getting cracked on the way to work this, this ink spot on my wrist and wondering how it got there, and also working out tonight <–im actually pumped and how i should be doing something productive for the company

12. Something you’ve regreted recently………..not being nice to my sister

14. What school do you go to?…………oklahoma state

15. What kind of cell phone do you have?……………nokia old school with a camo cover, whats up! … but not the super old school one

16. What are you doing right now?………..looking up information on customers that get custom frame work at Michaels

17. Something embarassing that happened to you lately? nothing i can think of, kurtis can you help me with this one?

18. Something recently that made you really happy? messages on facebook

19. What are your favorite colors?………….blue…any blue

20. Last time you were in a relationship? too long ago

21. Last time you hugged someone? friday afternoon, my mother.

22. Reading anything? angels and demons

23. What is your favorite outfit? jeans and cowboy boots, yep, i said it

24. Favorite drink? purple

25. Alcoholic drink? 7 and 7

26. Where is your second home? either in stillwater or my parents… id say my parents because i dont have a bed or anything there.

27. Last time you went to the doctor or dentist? in may, i hate you 20 dollar co-pay

28. Currently listening to? bob marley – three little birds

29. What does your bedroom look like right now? my room in stillwater is perfectly clean.. i dont have a room in dallas, it’s a couch.

30. Favorite movie? shawshank redemption and rockstar

31. Last movie you watched? rock star on VH1

32. Do you have braces?……………….no

33. Do looks matter? yes, i believe so

34. Do you like your life? i do, in fact, like my life

35. seven best friends? scott, kurtis, cole, joel, jeff… apparently i can only think of these…that’s depressing

36. Favorite place to shop? i like to shop for dress up shirts

37. Bad quality about yourself? i can be moody

38. A good one? fun to be around and im a fan of my smile

39. When was the last time you went shopping? last thursday

40. What is your favorite breakfast? omelet with ham, cheese, and jalepenos

41. Ever physically hurt anyone?…………yeah, i threw a basketball at ryan’s face once, and one time hit him in the face with a giant jager bottle, and one time we took turns punching each other as hard as we could. and just this last week i sliced his achilles with the door, but only cause he was mooning me. i love you ryan ( i left this one in here, it’s from kurtis and i loved it but hated it then)

42. Have you ever thought you were in love? not while in a relationship

43. When was the last time you cried? not real sure

44. What did you do last saturday? went to the lake with the folks…good quality family time

45. When was the last time you went out to eat? friday night with john stanley

46. Have you ever called a teacher mom? yes, my mother is a teacher

47. Favorite summer vacation? destin, fl and lake tenkiller, and the river

48. What are your nicknames? dooney, dooner, ry ry, deacon jones, queer, douchebag, asshole, “hey, what’s that smell,”  it could go on

49. How many friends on myspace do you have?…….i think im up to 42.

50.How many profile views do you have?…………..2,600

51. Last time you went to the mall? two or three weeks ago

52. Are you thinking about somebody right now? yes, i actually am

53. Who was the last person to text you? joel

54. Do you smoke? no, but i carry a lighter for my friends when we go out, haha

55. Who was the last person you texted? joel

56. Who was the last person that called you? my father

57. Who was the last person you called? my folks

58. What color is your hair? brown

59. Does anyone like you? who doesnt, haha… thats not true, i lied.

60. Do you think you might be getting with someone sometime soon? who knows

61. Look to your right, what do you see? a notepad, a phone, and the other side of my cubicle

62. Your left? a cup of joe, simmons survey, and the other side of my cubilce

63. Do you like yourself? too much…. hey ohhhhhh

64. Are you closer to your mother or father? i think my dad because we talk like 17 times a day

65. Favorite feature of the opposite sex? legs, smile, hair

66. Name the last person you hung out with? john

67. Last time you took pictures of yourself? scotts 21st

68. Last time you went skinny dipping? a long time ago, im pretty sure

69. Are your lips chapped?……………no

70. Gotta crush on someone?…………yes

Drink it up, it always goes down smooth!

Nearly three months later… that’s crazy.

Welp, let us begin where we last left. Spring break, though it was in March, it was wild. Port Aransas, or how we like to call it “the PA,” was awesome. We had a great time… friends, laughter, times shared together…

End of the semester was awesome. I made decent grades I suppose so I was happy about that.

Beginning of summer was terrific. Did as much swimming as possible, played some basketball with skoal (cole, get it!?) and then Scott turned 21. That was a delight in itself. Check out the pictures on Facebook.

June 2nd I moved down to Dallas for the rest of the summer, or until July 28th. I have this internship that I had last summer but this time for 8 weeks. I am living in downtown Dallas!! It’s is awesome. I’m living with John Stanley and the apartment complex as an indoor half court basketball gym, a weight room, two outdoor pools, and a movie theatre in the lobby. Also, the location!! It is probably 200 yards from Deep Ellum in Dallas. It’s the craziest part of town but it is awesome. Last summer, Kurtis got a tattoo at Tigger’s which is right around the corner from where I live now. I am now at my internship at Targetbase getting back to what I did best last summer….writing on xanga!! This year I have more to keep me entertained than just xanga and facebook. I now have myspace!

Until probably later today around 3:30, good readings… GOODNIGHT SEATTLE!!!