Drink it up, it always goes down smooth!

Nearly three months later… that’s crazy.

Welp, let us begin where we last left. Spring break, though it was in March, it was wild. Port Aransas, or how we like to call it “the PA,” was awesome. We had a great time… friends, laughter, times shared together…

End of the semester was awesome. I made decent grades I suppose so I was happy about that.

Beginning of summer was terrific. Did as much swimming as possible, played some basketball with skoal (cole, get it!?) and then Scott turned 21. That was a delight in itself. Check out the pictures on Facebook.

June 2nd I moved down to Dallas for the rest of the summer, or until July 28th. I have this internship that I had last summer but this time for 8 weeks. I am living in downtown Dallas!! It’s is awesome. I’m living with John Stanley and the apartment complex as an indoor half court basketball gym, a weight room, two outdoor pools, and a movie theatre in the lobby. Also, the location!! It is probably 200 yards from Deep Ellum in Dallas. It’s the craziest part of town but it is awesome. Last summer, Kurtis got a tattoo at Tigger’s which is right around the corner from where I live now. I am now at my internship at Targetbase getting back to what I did best last summer….writing on xanga!! This year I have more to keep me entertained than just xanga and facebook. I now have myspace!

Until probably later today around 3:30, good readings… GOODNIGHT SEATTLE!!!


  1. slkdjfod

    i don’t get the the goodnight seattle part.  first off, you’re not anywhere close to seattle.  second, due to the time change, it is nowhere near goodnight, but rather good morning in seattle.  come on ryan, pick it up.

    p.s.  you’re more than welcome to comment on my page again, considering you and i are the only ones that will be reading and commenting on each others pages

  2. slkdjfod

    haha, nice.  our bathrooms are out in the hallway, so all the offices on this floor use them.  this was the only office, the others were vacant last year but i get off the elevator this morning, and the first thing i see?  the once vacant office is now hornets headquarters!!  it has turquoise carpet with the logo on it and logos on the glass doors and a ton of pictures signed by all the players.  it looks like a real office and not an office of a team that is heading back to new orleans.  of course, i guess it’s their office for 2 years and they should make it look nice

  3. slkdjfod

    i’m doing the same stuff we were doing at the end of the summer, i just picked right back up, haha.  i had a bunch of computers going at once, but now i’m done wiping them out and i’m just reimaging them which takes longer, and i’m actually only running one at a time cause i only have a cd with the program on it.  so i’m pretty much doing nothing right now but watching this status bar go across the screen.  34% so far.  i went and asked for them to make another cd so i can get it done faster, cause i still have 13 computers left.  i’ve already done 24 though, might be heading home soon, it’s already 4.  today flew by.  we drove up to edmond too, to give someone a new moniter, so all i did there was unhook their old one and hook up the new one, took no more than 5 minutes.

  4. slkdjfod

    i’m doin the same stuff as i did yesterday but i’m almost finished, then i don’t think i’m doing anything until the new load of computers comes in which might not even be til tomorrow.

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