You don’t smell like Santa…

I was thinking yesterday as I was eating my Subway 6-inch spicy Italian sandwich, on honey oat bread with everything on it except bell peppers with spicy mustard, that there is nothing worse than having a bad last bite. You know what I’m talking about? You get down to the last little bit of anything whether it be a sandwhich, a candybar, a meal… you have to have a good last bite or the entire thing disappoints. That last bite has to be reminiscent of the each of your previous 17 bites. This is why I make sure that there is a little bit of everything on that last bite. I’ll use my Subway 6-inch spicy Italian sandwich, on honey oat bread with everything on it except bell peppers with spicy mustard, as an example. Yesterday, I made sure that there was a little piece of all the meats, most of the vegetables, and plenty of the spicy mustard on that last piece. Needless to say, that last bite was a delight.

I was also thinking about some of the other annoying annoyances that I have and figured I’d expose these to the woooorrrrllllddd (or kurtis). I guess one that comes to mind is when people are typing and use “your” when they say “your the best” or something to that effect. I want to know who exactly can possess “the best” and what exactly “the best” is. They should be using the conjunction “you’re” which is “you are” for the layperson. I understand that when you are in the moment of talking on AIM, one can slip up and that’s understandable, as long as they correct it. Another pet peeve of mine is when people are talking, giving a speech, and they put their hands together making a clapping noise too many times!! That or they drop their hands to the podium making a loud banging noise and they do this repeatedly, unknowingly. This drives me up the wall… more to come later today, I gotsta think a bit…


I found this in an article explaining the effects of alcohol… why I was looking this up, I have no idea. But, this is explains why certain things happen whilst intoxicated, i.e., the summer of 2004 incident while we were all over at Natasha’s as well as other things, i.e., Kurtis and I trading hits, and him hitting me in the nose with a giant Jager bottle. Cheers.

“Alcohol, once it has crossed the blood-brain barrier, will inebriate the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain responsible for executive functions such as rational thought) and work its way down to the limbic system. It won’t however affect the limbic system. This turns out to be a problem because the limbic system, being the most primitive part of the brain, then takes over the role of rational thought.

This is problematic because the limbic system is entirely emotional, and one then begins to think with their emotions rather than the rational area of their brain (the cerebral cortex). A surprisingly small amount of alcohol will have an instant effect on ones ability to control their emotions as a result. A comparatively large amount of alcohol and one might become violent or completely out of control in other respects. “


  1. slkdjfod

    hahaha, now everything makes sense!!  you would’ve hated my speech class, there were a few people who did the clapping, banging thing, and it drove me crazy too!!  i was away from my desk for a little while cause we got 40 new laptops in and i had to open all of them, write down the serial number and put a tag thing on em, then take those numbers and put them in this database (i was at my desk for the database part, but too busy to be  i hate it when all i have left from my cold cut trio on italian herb and cheese bread with american cheese, lettuce, salt and pepper, and oil and vinagar is the crusty part of the bread, with no meat in it!  your right (i did that on purpose) it does ruin the meal.

  2. The_J_Hack

    I actually have an ingenius method for enjoying the last bite of a sandwich or burger or hot dog eat around the middle. Eat all of the outside stuff first in a circle and that way the last bite is the best. You see the logic in this is that they center everything around the middle went constructing a sandwich or hamburger or hot dog and so therefore if you eat all of the outside stuff first then you get an awesome last bite with a little bit of everything.

  3. dajukie7

    i really appreciate Lauren’s explaination of her abbreviation. But in proper English, she is supposed to write it as “Text messages (tms).” Then she can use ‘tms’ any other time she comments on this post, and we’ll know what it means. O, and alcohol also affects the system of the body that makes you black out and puke, which one is that?

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