let’s start with this past weekend… i didnt do a dang thing. friday, i got off work around 3 in the afternoon and headed home. saturday rolls around and john and i both went to get a hair cut and then went to the mall to get accessories for john’s newly bought ipod. it is a nice mall and i dont even know the name of it. i didnt get anything because i am poor right now and i only have enough money to buy gas to get to work. when we got home, we went to the pool and apparently that is the party joint. everyone was out there swimming and drinking. it was nuts. that night we went to this mexican place called “chuwy’s” with one of johns coworkers and it was pretty good. sunday, john left for wisconsin and i just went outside to swim and get a tan and then i worked out. nothing much else to do really by myself. that was my weekend in a nutshell. dumb!

no coke count: 7 days

ill think of something creative to write about later…. sorry


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