By the Knights of Columbus!

Usually, Kurtis gets to his work before I get to work down here in Dallas. I don’t know whether it is because he has to be in at 7:00 or because we are in different time zones. I digress, he has been good about writing me emails so that when I come into work at 8:30, I have something to read from Kurtis. Sometimes it’s the 3 surveys I wrote him after he got off work the day before, or sometimes it is just a good morning email (which is always nice). Yesterday, I decided I’d return the favor with a good morning note to him. So I sat down yesterday (i was sitting previously to that because i dont do anything at work, but it helps the story flow) and began writing kurtis the good morning note and i found it to be very difficult to write. It wasnt difficult in the sense that i had nothing to write about, but difficult because i was writing about the future in present tense. if you dont know what im talking about, here is an example, it is 4:30 pm and you are writing to the person who is going to be reading it at 7:30 am the next morning,

“You should also have some of my surveys and I expect to see them returned today (tomorrow) sometime since me and you are the only ones that do these dumb things. I may even create a survey if I get bored today (tomorrow).”

It was so confusing for me to write so I can only imagine how confusing it was to read especially 7:30 in the morning. As I was writing this, i was thinking, “man, i know how michael j. fox felt in all those “back to the future” movies. he must have been in a world of hurt as he was talking to his parents back in the past in present tense when speaking about the future. He had to travel, by himself, through the time continuem a number of times in his 1982 DeLorean running only on banana peels, beer cans, and old brown lettuce.  No wonder he has parkinson’s disease now. The loop holes he and Doc found must have messed up his genetics and now he has the shakes. I guess that’s what you get when you mess with Biff.

“The Enchantment Under the Sea”

This morning on the way to work as i was fighting downtown Dallas traffic there was only one picture that I had in my mind the entire time, besides the semi’s “am i a good driver? call 1-800-brake4u” sign in front of me…. was frogger.

This was all I could think of as i was trying to get on the highway and cross 6 lanes to get in the far left to get onto another highway a mile down the road. It is an intense game i like to play in the mornings only the frog is me in my truck. Its a rush because one bad move and you’re toast, my friend, toast. The one thing you gotta watch out for is you caring what other people think. That just doesnt fly in dallas, you cut people off you speed by them, give them an unfriendly honk. In order to get to work on time, you have to have complete disregard as to what other people think and feel. Until tomorrow, pending my boredom later today, cheers!


  1. slkdjfod

    i thought of you on my way to work this morning!  becasue of that dumb conference, and the car wreck, traffic was crazy, so in order to get over for my exit i had to be a bitch.  well, at first i tried slowly squeezing in but the dude behind was being a bitch first, he wouldn’t let me in!  so i gave up there, sped forward past the truck infront of the bitch and just cut him off.  i wanted to open my sun roof, stand up through it, turn around to the guy and offer a sincere apology, but i thought of what you said.  so i opened my sun roof and gave him the su-fi (short for super finger, i stole it from dane cook).  no, i really didn’t, i just kept driving.  that also reminds me of when i would drive the golf cart through the crowd at the midevil fair.  it wasn’t really like frogger because i had people going in all different directions, but as soon as i started thinking like an nfl running back, i would weave through them with no problem.  the people walking towards me were the defenders and the people walking in my direction were my blockers.  of course you always out run your blockers so i always passed them, but i used them to hoard off the oncoming traffic and would look for holes and lanes to open.  it was pretty fun.

    p.s.  thank you for the email today (yesterday).  i loved it!!

    love, kurtis

  2. surferdude0313

    Great now every morning im going to come in a see like 4 messages then think ohh someone has something important to tell me, but its just going to be that you are 5″ 7 3/8′ barefoot which is nice to know though

  3. LittleLaurali

    umm… i’m pretty sure that was the last thing on michael j foxs mind. he might have been a little worried about not getting killed and getting back home. personal opinion 

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