ok, so since i havent done anything at work for the past two days… this is what i have been doing pretty much. some things im thinking about purchasing but probably not. here goes….

a sirius radio with a car kit and a home kit….. quite an investment. of course i wouldnt be listening to coldplay because that’s how you know you’re gay.

a fossil watch (not actually this big) the only thing i dont like is the numbers, but still kind of cool.


old school nike kicks… i have to find these first because they arent anywhere online

the ones i want are kind of like these except the grey would be navy… minus the grey part on the bottom which would still be either grey or white.


  1. slkdjfod

    what’s wrong with the first car, huh?  i like that watch, the numbers are weird, but kind of cool cause they’re different.  and the old school nikes, a must over the roma’s.  i’m gonna repost some shit.  maybe

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