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712.6 miles later, and I am back at work in Irving. Friday, I left work around 12:30 and headed for Stillwater. My mom’s birthday is today and we had a surprise party for her last night at my aunts. So instead of staying down here and just driving up Sunday and then having to drive back that night, I went up to Stillwater and hung out for the weekend. It was a blast and it makes me wish I lived up there for the summer. Friday night, we all went out to Joseph’s (Eskimo Joe’s). It was a good time and but they did raise the price of brew from $1.00 a cup to the inconvenient $1.50 a cup. So that came as an unpleasant surprise. Saturday morning came and I have found that after I drink, i can never sleep in like most everybody. I woke up around 10:00 and of course with a headache and just layed there for 2 hours. then kurtis and i did some bike riding around town. it was a solid bike ride. then saturday night, we went to walmart and got hamburger stuff and we grilled out hamburgers. it was outstanding and a good showing too. christine, joel, kurtis, scott, britnee, me, and steffen came later. that was our 2nd time to use our grill that we’ve had for a year now so it was fun. we lit the tiki torches and sat out there for a few hours and just hung out. it was a good time. sunday, i woke up early, packed, made my bed and then headed out. my moms birthday party was next. she loved it. all of her friends and family was there… she turned 50 today. she cried alot and her and my dad got a cruise as a gift from everyone. i got back to dallas at 12:30 this morning so i am really tired… back to spider solitaire or ebay or something…. deuces!


  1. slkdjfod

    yeah, this weekend was a blast, i’m looking forward to many a bike rides in the future.  scott and i started to go on one, but out of nowhere there was this storm, with huge winds and tree branches were falling off, lukcily we made it to my house and scott stayed on the bike the whole time!  so now your bike is at my house, but scott’s gonna go get it so he can ride it to class this week.  this next weekend is gonna be awesome too, i can’t wait.  italy just beat australia on a pk in the 90th minute!!!  that’s crap, i had australia winning it in ot, and they would’ve, italy was a man down but had to go pull a cheap trick and dive in the box.

  2. slkdjfod

    sorry i left you.  i was out of the office around 12something.  i got home intime to watch the ot and shootout for the second game.  scott got that live feed thing working and told me how so i’m gonna be doing that tomorrow.   i’m in the office all alone all day tomorrow.  he says it’s not really video, it’s like old school atari or something.  you better get your email to work or i’m gonna be pissed (but i’ll still love you)

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