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Well, tomorrow is my last day at Targetbase as an Intern for the summer. YES!!!!! The summer has been pretty good living down here in Dallas. I have really liked living in downtown Dallas and meeting people through basketball and swimming and all that bidness, but I am ready to get back to Oklahoma and specifically Stillwater. Tomorrow, I only have to be here until noon or so. It’s crazy that I have been down here for two months and it is nearly August. This summer, Kurtis and I emailed eachother several times a day and I totaled up our emails and it reached an astonishing 334 total e-mails I received from him. Besides playing spider solitaire too much, listening to Itunes, balancing on a Razor scooter, enjoying the “super space,” and doing surveys like no other, overall, the internship was a little less structured than most internships I am assuming. I didn’t really do a whole lot for the analytic department but I did help out with the technology department quite a bit. I have kind of learned about what happens at a marketing agency and have found out a few things about what I want to do and what I don’t want to do… we’ll see where my senior year in college takes me. Everything is still way up in the air with my future. I honestly don’t know what I am going to do after next May. I am not really too worried right now, because I know things will work out in the end so I am just going to enjoy my last year in college most definitely. I wouldn’t mind giong a few more years, but I am cut off after this next year. There should be more updates before school gets underway, but a little less frequent because I won’t be sitting at a computer for 9 hours a day.

…so here is to what this next year brings everyone including myself… cheers!

Old School…

I went to check my yahoo e-mail just a second ago and accidently clicked “Drafts” on my options in my e-mail. Apparently I haven’t really checked that e-mail in sometime… I found this draft that I had written when I was 17, 4 years ago… crazy go nuts. It is a survey, me and kurtis’ favorite kind of e-mail…. peep it… The exact date of this e-mail that I wrote but never sent is Aug 11, 2002.

1. What time is it? 6:27 pm
2. Name that appears on your birth certificate: Ryan Kinsey Doonkeen
3. Nicknames: Dooney, Dooner, Hey Kid!!!
4. Number of candles that will appear on your next birthday cake:18
5. Date that you will blow them out: Nov 21st
6. Kids: In the future, yes…when I’m married.
7. Pets: Lilly, a weiner dog
8. Eye color: Blue
9. Hair color: Brown                                                                                     10.Piercings:   None                                                                                                        
11.Tattoos: None, as well.                                                          
12. Activities: Baseball, Cross Country, STUCO, C.A.R.E., NHS…the works
13. Favorite color: Mother of Pearl
14. Hometown: Midwest City, OK
15. Current residence: Oklahoma City, OK                                            
16. Favorite food: Homemade Tamales                                                  
17. Been suspended: Nope                                                                     
18. Been toilet-papered: Yes, quite a bit.
19. Most embarrassing moment: I don’t know if it is embarrassing, but I will always remember 1st day of 1st grade, I walked into the room and my lunch spilled everywhere.
20. Been in a car accident: Nope
21. Croutons or bacon bits: Bacon Bits
22. Sprite or 7-up: If I had to choose, Sprite                                            
23. Favorite movies: Tommy Boy and Shawshank Redemption
24. Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
25. Favorite day of the week:
26. Favorite word or phrase: “If you want me to take a !@#$ in a box and slap a garauntee on it, I will…I’ve got spare time” —Chris Farley  
27. Favorite toothpaste: I’m guessing Crest
28. Favorite restaurant: On The Border
29. Favorite flowers: Can’t say I have a favorite                                       
30. Favorite cola: Dr. Pepper
31. Favorite TV shows to watch: SNL, MAD TV, Seinfeld                      
32. Preferred type of ice cream: Chocolate Almond
33. Favorite Sesame Street Character: Ernie                                       
34. Disney or Warner Bros: Warner Brothers
35. Favorite fast food restaurant: Taco Bueno                                       
36. What color is your bedroom carpet: Somewhat White or Gray, either one                                                                                                     
37. How many times did you fail your driver’s test: Once, something about speeding in a school zone…I don’t know.
38. Who is the last person you got e-mail from before
this: A guy by the name of Jeff Massie
39. Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Nope
40. What single store would you choose to max out your credit card in? Old Navy or Pet’s Mart
41. What do you do most often when you are bored: Get on the Computer                                                                                                   
42. Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest: Phillip—-France                                                                                         
43. Most annoying thing people ask me: ” I don’t think you are old enough to drive!”                                                                                          
44. Bedtime: After Seinfeld
45. Who will respond the quickest: No one, considering I am probably the last.                                                                                                       

46. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond to this email? I really don’t know.
47. Favorite sport: Baseball
48. Last person you went out to dinner with: My friends Jeff and Isaiah
49. Last movie you saw: Signs                                                                

50. Time when you finished this: 6:56 pm


Play Ball!!

Through all the excitement this weekend. I managed to get my hands on 2 pairs of tickets to the Yankees vs. Rangers game on Tuesday. They are lower level tickets and I got them for very cheap and a free parking pass thanks to CRAIGSLIST. For those of you who are unaware of Craigs List. It is comparable to a giant garage sale, only this one is on the internet. It is awesome! Some might say that is rivals ebay to the upmost.



Here are our seats… not too bad….

Should be a good time. If anyone wants to come down and go with me. I have an extra ticket that I will be selling at the game, but if you want it, it is yours free of charge….

L.G. Fuad

Where shall we begin….

I’ll start with Friday morning. I get up normal time and get in my truck. Everything is fine and even the trip to work went smooth as compared to some days when traffic is nuts. On Friday’s, I get off around 12:30 because of how summer hours work around here, so 12:30 I walk down to my truck get in, turn the key and it won’t start. It’s not the battery I know because it keeps spinning but just won’t fire. I call Pops to see what he thinks and tells me to call a wrecker and take it to a Ford dealer. I do so, free of charge thanks to Cingular and I go to the Ford dealer. I leave the truck with them and walk like a mile and a half to Taco Bueno because I am starving and I wait for my roommate John to come and pick me up. This was around 5 when he picked me up. It made for a long afternoon. Flash forward past Friday evening to Saturday morning. I get a call from the dealership and they say the fuel pump is out and it is gonna be 700 dollars to replace. No thanks. I borrow John’s truck, go to dealer, call another tow truck and take it to Pep Boys where they charge significantly less to do the same thing. I could keep going but to get to the end, Sunday came around and my truck was ready.

A long weekend, several hundred dollars later, a stiff drink or two and my truck is working again…

**note: Throughout this whole process, I didn’t get upset or frustrated or anything because I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

It’s a double pack and it’s spring scented!!

Oh how I hate to play basketball with douchebags! There is this one guy that plays up where I play down here in Dallas. He is a douchebag. All he does is talk, do a no look pass when he is checking in the ball (wtf?), and then hang out behind the three point line telling people what to do and what they are doing wrong. If you have ever played with me and my friend Skoal (Cole) then you know that this is one thing that bugs us the most. We have nicknames for guys like these… it’s Coach K. This guy never takes it to the hole, he plays in cargo shorts (the same ones everyday) and then has like rock climbing shoes that he plays in. He think he is a stud in every aspect of the game and he is far from that by every mean. I’ve played with him the past two weeks and Sunday night was the first time he ever gaurded me (mind you, he has talked shit to me once or twice previous to this encounter). So this was a pleasant surprise to see him gaurding me. I dominated him. I drove on him, I posted him up, I busted in his eye on several occasions. It was glorious. He told me I was only going to score two points on him this one game and I ended up scoring like 7 counting out loud everytime I scored. Anyways, the moral of the story… don’t be a douchebag and run your mouth if you can’t back it up especially if you were to face someone one on one and get dominated…. word!

 +    + ME =

Keep swinging that pimp hand strong….

Quote of the Day

“We’ve already allowed gay couples to get married and adopt kids just to turn other people’s children gay…”   

               – Stephen Colbert, T.V. Personality

I have noticed that since moving down to Dallas and really having nothing to do on the weekdays, I have gotten into quite the groove. Here is my daily routine for pretty much everyday day on the work week….

Starting in the A.M.

7:20 – (I’m sleeping on the couch) First alarm sounds and I hit the snooze

7:29 – Second alarm sounds and I hit the snooze

7:38 – Third alarm sounds and I get up and make my way toward the bathroom

7:39 – 7:50 – Prep myself for work that day… usually consiting of brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting dressed, and doing my hair which I don’t really do anymore

7:51 – Turn on Sportscenter just in time to catch the Top 10 of the Day

7:59 – Leave for work

8:07 – 8:32 – Fight through Dallas traffic just to make it to work on time, which I usually don’t

8:36 – 5:28 – Surf the internet checking facebook, myspace, email, and any other website worthy of my time and at this juncture of my internship… any website is worthy of my time except the ones I can get in trouble for looking at. At 11:00 a.m and again at 3:00 p.m. I eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich and drinking tea, water, and coffee throughout the day.


5:31 – Head for home

6:10 – Get home frustrated from the traffic, and flip on the t.v. to FX and watch “That 70’s Show” 

6:30 – Head to the gym to play basketball 


8:30 – Get back from the gym and drink many glasses of water, take a shower, and get ready for bed. I’ll eat dinner sometime after this and dinner is usually like a sandwich of some sort or maybe a tortilla with cheese and that’s usually it.

10:00 – Flip back and forth between ESPN and the Food Network watching Sportscenter and Good Eats w/ Alton Brand.


10:30 – Watch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central

11:00 – Turn off the t.v. and go to sleep only to repeat what happened the day before (kind of like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray)

Ending in the P.M.

I usually don’t deviate from the path much and if I do it is usually at work when I actually have work to do and then I try to extend that work to make it a whole days woth in order to have something to do throughout the day. But that is my life in a nutshell whilst here in Dallas for the summer until July 28th. Looking forward to the school year actually. Weird.

It’s gonna be a scorcher. A scorcher? Yep, like yesterday….

On the Colbert Report last night, Stephen was all excited about how the United States Soccer team were Co-World Cup champions because we were the only team to play Italy and not lose. We kicked half of their ass by letting them kick the ball into their own goal. Take that Italy… welcome to the world of sharing. He went on to say that the way to decide the champion of the World Cup in penalty shoot out is the equivelent to the NBA finals deciding a champion in a game of H-O-R-S-E.

(in case you didn’t know what a horse was, the arrow is there for your assistance)

Thank you Stephen Colbert.


In other news, you’re the devil…

Am I a Soccer Fan?

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the World Cup

(brought to you by ESPN’s “Page 2” writer Bill Simmons)

1. I like watching anything that lets you say, “Hey, these guys are the absolute best of the best.” That’s why pro soccer will never catch on here: Nobody wants to watch a bunch of second-rate guys playing a sport that isn’t that interesting in the first place. Fundamentally, it can’t work. You have a better chance of uncovering a Star Jones-Al Reynolds sex tape.

2. These games feel like life or death. No, really. When the Colombian defender was murdered after 1994’s World Cup, the stakes were set: Screw up and you may die. You can see it on everyone’s face. After Argentina’s OT goal, the shell-shocked coach of Mexico looked as if he’d gotten a terminal diagnosis from his doctor. I half expected him to start hastily scribbling a will. For most of the countries involved, soccer is the equivalent of baseball + football + basketball here, if those sports came around only one month every four years. You can feel the tension. It’s suffocating. The winners are relieved, the losers decimated. There’s no in-between.

3. The red card/yellow card thing. Nonsensical, completely arbitrary, even crooked to some degree … I love it. Why hasn’t the NBA adopted this yet? Can you imagine how many yellows and reds the Mavericks would have gotten in the Finals?

4. There’s something fascinating about the underlying baggage in every game. My buddy Kurt e-mailed me last week, “If you’re a Nazi war criminal who escaped the Allied forces after WWII, who do you root for tomorrow: Germany, who propelled you to the top of their system, or Argentina, who took you in and helped hide your crimes against humanity?”

5. The postgame ritual of players exchanging sweaty jerseys cracks me up. Imagine if some Czech guy, drenched from running around in 95-degree heat for an hour and a half, handed you his shirt. Ah, gee, thanks … Can’t wait to put this in my duffel … No, really, this is great.

6. The whole player-with-one-name thing is fantastic. Nene tried to start the trend in the NBA, but it never caught on. There’s still time. Carmelo should legally drop his last name. So should LeBron. And the Clippers’ center should just go by Kaman.

7. You know my Remote Control Test that says you can’t deny someone’s or something’s appeal if you can’t flick the channel when he/she/it is on? (Like when some Sox fans wanted to trade Manny last season, I asked: Do you turn the channel when he comes up? No? Then why trade someone like that?) Well, no matter how you feel about soccer, would you ever turn the channel right before penalty kicks to decide an elimination game? Ever? In a million years?

Luis Figo

Darko Vojinovic

8. Everyone makes fun of the flopping, and it is hideous, but it’s also funny as hell. These guys drop like they were gunned down by a sniper, then they roll around for 10 seconds in absolute agony, heroically hop up and limp around to “shake it off,” and within 30 seconds they’re running full speed again. Even Ric Flair didn’t sell pain so well. More important, it’s the one thing that will keep soccer from ever, ever, ever becoming a bona fide force in this country. Americans won’t stomach such dishonesty. We see right through it. No way Dwyane Wade pulls that crap; we’d never allow it. OK, bad example.

9. The whole injury-time thing. I mean, what other sport keeps some arbitrary amount of extra time in an official’s back pocket? It’s so stupid yet weirdly effective. I’m convinced the guy who came up with that was drunk.

10. I have enjoyed soccer’s partisan songs and chants since “Victory,” when the crowd inspired Sly Stallone to stone Werner Roth’s penalty kick. Yes, part of it is that soccer fans need to invent ways to kill time because so little actually happens. But you have to admire their creativity. It makes you wonder why we don’t have more chants and songs for our sports. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” brings down the house every time, right? So why stop there? We can’t muster enough brainpower to do anything but sing along to crappy music that blares from the PA? We should make chants for goal-line stands, for closers looking for one more out, for opposing players shooting free throws. Instead, we settle for an expletive (the one involving cattle) after bad calls. What’s wrong with us?