It’s gonna be a scorcher. A scorcher? Yep, like yesterday….

On the Colbert Report last night, Stephen was all excited about how the United States Soccer team were Co-World Cup champions because we were the only team to play Italy and not lose. We kicked half of their ass by letting them kick the ball into their own goal. Take that Italy… welcome to the world of sharing. He went on to say that the way to decide the champion of the World Cup in penalty shoot out is the equivelent to the NBA finals deciding a champion in a game of H-O-R-S-E.

(in case you didn’t know what a horse was, the arrow is there for your assistance)

Thank you Stephen Colbert.


In other news, you’re the devil…


  1. dajukie7

    I love Colbert. He was talking the other day and said “today is the longest day of the year, but its the width that matters.” HAHAHA, he slays me!

  2. azn2k2

    Yeah, you and Jon did, O.G. pON productions!  I was but a padawan learner who I saved the footage from being lost in the guys tape and I did the tail end of the girls tape that year.

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