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Quote of the Day

“We’ve already allowed gay couples to get married and adopt kids just to turn other people’s children gay…”   

               – Stephen Colbert, T.V. Personality

I have noticed that since moving down to Dallas and really having nothing to do on the weekdays, I have gotten into quite the groove. Here is my daily routine for pretty much everyday day on the work week….

Starting in the A.M.

7:20 – (I’m sleeping on the couch) First alarm sounds and I hit the snooze

7:29 – Second alarm sounds and I hit the snooze

7:38 – Third alarm sounds and I get up and make my way toward the bathroom

7:39 – 7:50 – Prep myself for work that day… usually consiting of brushing my teeth, washing my face, getting dressed, and doing my hair which I don’t really do anymore

7:51 – Turn on Sportscenter just in time to catch the Top 10 of the Day

7:59 – Leave for work

8:07 – 8:32 – Fight through Dallas traffic just to make it to work on time, which I usually don’t

8:36 – 5:28 – Surf the internet checking facebook, myspace, email, and any other website worthy of my time and at this juncture of my internship… any website is worthy of my time except the ones I can get in trouble for looking at. At 11:00 a.m and again at 3:00 p.m. I eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich and drinking tea, water, and coffee throughout the day.


5:31 – Head for home

6:10 – Get home frustrated from the traffic, and flip on the t.v. to FX and watch “That 70’s Show” 

6:30 – Head to the gym to play basketball 


8:30 – Get back from the gym and drink many glasses of water, take a shower, and get ready for bed. I’ll eat dinner sometime after this and dinner is usually like a sandwich of some sort or maybe a tortilla with cheese and that’s usually it.

10:00 – Flip back and forth between ESPN and the Food Network watching Sportscenter and Good Eats w/ Alton Brand.


10:30 – Watch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central

11:00 – Turn off the t.v. and go to sleep only to repeat what happened the day before (kind of like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray)

Ending in the P.M.

I usually don’t deviate from the path much and if I do it is usually at work when I actually have work to do and then I try to extend that work to make it a whole days woth in order to have something to do throughout the day. But that is my life in a nutshell whilst here in Dallas for the summer until July 28th. Looking forward to the school year actually. Weird.


  1. skider102

    scott dont do it … you heard the warning the magna morphs will be the end of us ALL ! slippery slope my friend … a slippery slope, but back to the point HEY RYAN ! whats up ? i c that your living like a rock star … dont forget us , i know that it will be hard to see us past the bling …while doing cola off a strippers ass but try … O please do try !

  2. slkdjfod

    my favorite part of your schedule is where you are expecting friends and fall asleep only to not here the 13 calls made your way from 3 am to 5 am while your friends are outside in an area that they don’t know too well and and really wouldn’t care to know too well.  that’s the best!

  3. slkdjfod

    no, it was all about love.  how i love your dropped ceilings.  i also love your crawl space underneath the house.  you can hide so much shit in there!  …not that i’ve done that, cause i haven’t.  actually, next time scott leaves milk out, you should put it in his ceiling….i don’t think he has a dropped ceiling though.  well just pour it on his bed, i’m sure it’ll work just the same.

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