L.G. Fuad

Where shall we begin….

I’ll start with Friday morning. I get up normal time and get in my truck. Everything is fine and even the trip to work went smooth as compared to some days when traffic is nuts. On Friday’s, I get off around 12:30 because of how summer hours work around here, so 12:30 I walk down to my truck get in, turn the key and it won’t start. It’s not the battery I know because it keeps spinning but just won’t fire. I call Pops to see what he thinks and tells me to call a wrecker and take it to a Ford dealer. I do so, free of charge thanks to Cingular and I go to the Ford dealer. I leave the truck with them and walk like a mile and a half to Taco Bueno because I am starving and I wait for my roommate John to come and pick me up. This was around 5 when he picked me up. It made for a long afternoon. Flash forward past Friday evening to Saturday morning. I get a call from the dealership and they say the fuel pump is out and it is gonna be 700 dollars to replace. No thanks. I borrow John’s truck, go to dealer, call another tow truck and take it to Pep Boys where they charge significantly less to do the same thing. I could keep going but to get to the end, Sunday came around and my truck was ready.

A long weekend, several hundred dollars later, a stiff drink or two and my truck is working again…

**note: Throughout this whole process, I didn’t get upset or frustrated or anything because I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.


  1. slkdjfod

    oh man, i was on the phone when that happened!  i can vouch for it too, you didn’t lose your cool.  “ah man, my truck won’t start.  i gotta let you go, talk to you later.”  you sounded normal.  the whole weekend too?  wow, ryan, wow.

  2. dajukie7

    didn’t get upset…nicely done danielsan. And Scotty Don’t is easily my favorite of all the nicknames, so don’t feel bad. when exactly are you getting back?

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