Month: August 2006

New Mexico, kind of like the old one…

I started back at Albertson’s yesterday to be exact and it’s like I never skipped a beat. I was back doing what I was doing before summer which was hang out and pull pallets in the back. I honestly don’t mind it one bit and it’s fun to look forward to a paycheck now too. School is about to get underway and I am pretty excited. All A’s, here I come. On to bigger and better news. Cole and I are going to Mexico next May. I know, a long ways away but you gotta start planning some time. May 18-23 roughly. We are going to go see Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers play a weekend show in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico called Circus Mexicus. We are pretty excited. Things are in the beginning stages as one can assume but we’ve already started to save up for it. It is our end of the year, one last go around vacation before we hit the real world. Come next May, I hope I lookback at this post and laugh at me writing “the real world” because I hope to be here for at least another semester or two… we’ll see. If anyone is down for going with us to Circus Mexicus, you are welcome to.

Goodbye forever….